Voodoo Lounge in Cabarete is relatively new.  I don’t know if it was that, or the fact that my Spanish is non-existent and I had only been in Cabarete for two days, but my moto driver had no idea where I was talking about – neither did the three other people he pulled over to ask.  “Doodoo?” he said, “No. Voodoo!”  “Whodoo?”  It went on.  I finally remembered that it was on the same street as the pizza restaurant with all of the aquariums.  Again, non existent Spanish so that took a minute, but eventually it worked.

dj on turntables

avena at voodoo lounge in cabarete

The crew from eXtreme was already there, and apparently so was everyone else.  But it wasn’t crazy, it was a nice crowd, and almost all locals.  The people who tend to spend relaxing evenings at home, decided to grace us with their presence.  They also already know that a party at Voodoo is probably worth the effort.  And they are all over the bottomless mimosas the next day.  At first I couldn’t tell if it was a DJ or a CD playing and then it was obvious.  People crowded around the DJ booth, Papo showed up.  The music was good.  Hip Hop I haven’t heard in Philly since the Hipsters invaded.  Two emcees from Santo Domingo took the stage, Basico and Eme de Meta.  Again, no Spanish so no idea what they were saying they could have been rapping about kittens and jamba juice for all I know but those motherfuckers had flows for days.


Eme performing at Voodoo

This was not the first and it will certainly not be the last time that Papo throws a great event.  We are all looking forward to Rap N Playa on November 17th, which will feature a killer line up of hip hop groups from Santo Domingo, including our friends Lo Correcto, break dancing and a beach front graffiti battle.  Be sure to check out Avana’s music on Facebook, Soundcloud, wherever you get your rocks off.  That one track “I speak no English” is hilarious… I feel you hommie.

 Papo at voodoo

Papo at voodoo lounge

Until next time.

_ Dodekah