Cabarete Casinos

Cabarete Casinos

In Cabarete, once the clubs close up for the night, the party moves to the casinos.

If you like to play a little blackjack or dabble in poker, you’re in luck. You can play to win in Ocean Sands Casino.

But, luckily, you don’t have to be a gambler to join in the fun. You can drink, mingle, and break out your craziest moves on the dance floor in the casino’s nightclub and bar area.

The nightclub gets pretty lively late at night. It has a great atmosphere, and often features live DJs and special events. Keep an eye on their Facebook page to stay on top of the hottest nights at Ocean Sands.

Ocean Sands is on the outskirts of town, past Janet’s supermarket. The casino company recently opened another venue on Cabarete beach, near Waves, called The Playhouse.

Yes, that’s right, all the decadence and hilarity of a casino with an ocean view and your toes in the sand. You can count on the crashing waves and sea breeze to celebrate your victories and commiserate any losses.

If you decide all of this isn’t quite enough to satisfy your gambling needs or just fancy a change of scenery, Sosua our neighbouring town is well known for its bustling casino scene. There are various venues that offer table games, roulette, slot machines, as well as a dancefloor and bar. There’s Playa Chiquita Casino, Coral Reef Casino, and Sosua Bay Grand Casino to try.

You can also head over to Puerto Plata if you’re craving more of a ‘big city’ experience. The Kviar Show Disco and Casino receives rave reviews from regulars, and also has a fun nightclub.

Remember to stay safe when gambling, both with your money and in the slippery casino environment. Be aware that there might be illegal activity of all sorts around you, so don’t be naive and get involved in anything seedy by accident! Keep your wits about you!