Your Guide to Tropical Fruit in Cabarete

Cabarete is the place to lie on white sand, gazing up at palm trees against a blue sky, sipping a cocktail out of a pineapple. For many island folk, it’s a daily ritual.

Like a cooling ocean breeze, tropical fruit never goes out of style.

Fruit is Nature’s candy, and there’s nothing better than eating candy that is good for you! Tropical fruits are loaded with vitamins and minerals that have all sorts of benefits, from vital energy boosts to helping you sleep. Magic.

In the hot Caribbean climate, very many exotic fruits grow in abundance. Some you may have heard of, others offer new textures and flavours to experience.

Around town, it’s not difficult to spot fruit. You can shop at fruit stands, markets or from street vendors, who wander the main road and Cabarete beach with baskets piled high with goodies.

Fresh fruit juice is a staple of almost every Cabarete bar or restaurant. You can drink it pure or mixed into a tasty cocktail. You only have to make it to the hotel restaurant La Mesa Taina to get your fruit juice fix.

tropical fruit

Top tip: Look out for the sweet happy hour deals on the beach!

There are plenty of places that serve smoothies made from freshly blended fruit.

Fresh Fresh is a classic spot to hit for a great fruity smoothie. My favourite is their Delish smoothie that comes loaded with flavours: the sweetness of the mango and orange is balanced by the invigorating ginger and mint, and some mellow cucumber. It’s quite simply Delish.

Another place that serves straight fruit is Monster Juice, which you’ll find on the beach near Mojito’s. Their ice cream is out of this world and made with 100% fruit. No added sugar or any other nasties. You wouldn’t know it from the taste! They also do smoothies, frozen fruit popsicles, and refreshing coconut water with ice.

If you fancy a fruit-tasting adventure a little off the beaten track, our organic aquaponic farm Taino Farm is covered in fruit trees.

On a farm tour, you can learn about tropical fruit and pick them right off the tree. Freshness you can’t beat! Sample passion fruit, star fruit, guanabana, mango, zapote, limoncillo, and even cocoa beans right out of the pod!

Along the way, you’ll get to know our awesome set-up, meet our fishies, and learn all about sustainable agriculture practices in a Caribbean setting. There’s also a river float adventure and a farm-to-table organic Dominican lunch in the mix.

Get fruity with your vocab:

aguacate: avocado

arandonas: blueberries

carambola: star fruit

chinola: passion fruit

coco: coconut

frambuesa: raspberry

fresa: strawberry

guineo: banana

guanabana: soursop

limon: lemon/lime

mango: mango (duh)

manzana: apple

mora: blackberry

naranja: orange

piña: pineapple

sandia: watermelon

uva: grape

uva de mar: sea grape

Now you have everything you need to go out and taste a beautiful array of tropical fruit in Cabarete. Go wild.