2023 WSL Pro Cabarete – A professional Surf Competition comes to Cabarete!

Surfing in Cabarete

Last year ushered in a new era for the Dominican Republic as Cabarete featured its first WSL competition. 2023 raises the bar as WSL returns to Cabarete stronger and more ambitious than ever. We’re talking killer waves and lofty goals.

Cabarete Surfing makes some noise

I was able to attend the first round of competitions on day one and you could definitely smell the enthusiasm in the sea salt air. Surf aficionados from around the world eagerly watched as some of the best and bravest paddled out from Encuentro Beach, one of the most well-known surf beaches in the Caribbean. Here you will find consistent waves where you can “drop in, pull in, and kick out” even on a bad day. I mean, c’mon, a bad day surfing is better than a good day working, right?


Well, WSL 2023 is all good vibes and good surf. Add live music and activities for all ages to the equation and you might not need to return home. Known as the capital of wind, adventure and wave sports in the Caribbean, Cabarete is an iconic destination for surfers of all levels and spectators alike. In addition, Cabarete is a well-traveled fitness and wellness destination for those ready to embark on a health journey, or re-commit to a healthy lifestyle. Whatever your goals may be (weight loss, confidence-building, community interaction, etc.) Cabarete is a hot spot melting pot for fitness and fun.


Extreme Cabarete is a unique hotels providing fitness and yoga classes, kitesurfing, surfing, and more. Extreme Hotel , offers a unique weight loss program geared to those who are seeking to get in shape, reboot their fitness routine, or attend a yoga retreat in a tropical locale. A signature staple of this 100% eco-sustainable resort — all meals are prepared at eXtreme are pure vegetarian farm-to-table with ingredients grown in local farms; exactly the fuel you need to smash those waves and get healthy at the same time! 

It was the fuel I needed for my morning bike ride to WSL at Encuentro Beach, an easy mode of transportation in Cabarete and another way to burn a few extra calories for the day. Hop on a bicycle, which can also be provided to guests at eXtreme Hotel Cabarete, if you want to B-line it down to town or to the beach. 

As I sipped my freshly made juice sold by a local vendor right on Cabarete Beach, WSL Pro announcers gave us play by plays; on-seers like myself were captivated by the breaks and barrels of those Cabarete waves, not to mention the star-studded lineup of talent paddling out to make their dream of winning the 2023 WSL Pro a reality. 

WSL Pro 2023 Cabarete is making a splash for sure. For the town of Cabarete, Dominican Republic, it’s in more ways than one. We’re all quivering to see what transpires for this vibrant beach community and what’s in store for years to come. 

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