Dealing with Loneliness in the Midst of a Pandemic as a Remote Worker

dealing with loneliness in the midst of a pandemic as a remote worker

One of the issues that has come up during this pandemic is loneliness. Once a taboo topic, it’s now out in the open, as we’ve all cut back on our social interaction considerably and are having to deal with loneliness to a degree. COVID-19 also reduced our social lives to a bare minimum. Remote workers were especially affected. Their lives were previously taken with fun social gatherings, time at the gym, time at the coffee shop, and meeting up with others for adventures. Now’s that’s all gone, and with winter upon us, the thought of a cold nights is hard to bear – but worry not, there’s a solution! Take advantage of living this remote working life!

Life will always present us with choices – now you can make the proverbial lemonade. We are offering you the choice between remaining inside watching TV shows and add on a couple of more pounds to your COVID15 or BOOM: take a leap of faith and join us! Come live your remote working life by the beach, in a community of like minded people where you will find you happy self again.

Safety is a priority for us with the virus is still out there, and here you’re surrounded with people like you. Thanks to our zero guest policy and a very small footprint of staff, your viral safety is practically guaranteed. We offer a quiet environment to get some work done, combined with interesting people to eat, with chat with and tons of activities available right out front. As a beachfront property there’s surf, SUP, snorkel (all in the mornings) and kitesurf (in the afternoons) and beach walks. On site we have a pool, hammocks, a beachfront yoga loft, an aerial arts space (static trapeze, silks and hoop) and a crossfit style gym.

Before you decide to join us, we want you to be aware of a few things.

There’s WiFi available all over the property and plenty of quiet places to work below palm trees or beachfront if you don’t want to stay in your room. Electricity and wifi are reliable 98% of the time. To avoid stress we recommend getting a local backup internet plan (they are affordable) and bringing some power banks. Electricity usually comes back after 30 min. or so, but still, if you are working these 30min can seem to last forever ;)

We can connect you with instructors if you want to learn a new watersport – after 15 years we know them all and can fit you with the perfect one. Local teachers are very dedicated, supportive and take pride in sharing their passion for surf or kitesurf.

Rooms are clean and functional and as we’re right on the beach, no need for air conditioning. It’s better for your lungs and skin and better for the environment too.
Most of our life happens outdoors and you will find yourself running around barefoot. A common problem here is to forget where you left your flip flops.

We have nothing against an occasional evening beer, but usually we go to bed early, practice yoga at sunrise, do some watersports and get our working hours in.
Meals are simple, cooked with love and farm fresh produce (from our own organic farm!). Even after living here for several years, tasty papayas, mangos and avocados are a highlight!

After being isolated for months, this is an opportunity to escape winter and to refuel in a Caribbean community especially for digital nomads. We are a fun place for like minded people sharing a healthy, active life. Come join us, get a tan, spend time in the sun and in the ocean, refill your Vitamin D levels and enjoy your remote worker life.