Circus Arts at eXtreme Hotel

There is nothing more eXtreme, or more exhilarating, than the circus arts.  Soaring through the air on the flying trapeze is a thrill like no other, and performing your first drop on the silks is an adrenaline rush!  Whether you want to be in the air, or on the ground, eXtreme Circus has a Circus Camp something for you.

Circus Camps

We have three different camps in our portfolio, all of them contain as many Circus classes as you can handle. 

  • The Pure Circus Camp is designed especially for the (future) Circus Addict! With eight circus classes a day, ranging from flying trapeze and aerial silks to juggling and hand balancing, you can fill your day to the brim with circus circus circus!
  • Our Caribbean Circus Camp is for all levels and sets you up to get the most out of your experience here. The camp includes a daily yoga or fitness class, and as many circus classes as you can handle.
  • Our Circus and Fitness Camp caters the true Fitness and Circus addict: You have the possibility to workout in our on site tiki gym, practice yoga and of course get in as many Circus Classes as possible!

What's included