Bronzing time

The best way to kite watch

  1. The sun is your only alarm clock.
  2. Guests and staff are as friendly as your next door neighbour.
  3. We start our day with Sun Salutations, representing our gratefulness for such wonderful opportunities we are presented daily in this paradise.
  4. Richard from GoKite continually demonstrates his inherent ability to read the wind. With his chill Dominican demeanor, he demonstrates a wiseness far beyond his years, one can’t help but feel in good hands.
  5. Talking to the many wonderful people staying at hotel, they are always happy and well fed by Chichigua’s amazing Dominican style cooking.
  6. Guests who have a green thumb are teaching me about plants in our organic garden.
  7. Afternoons are filled with laughter from kids in Circus classes and adults comparing war stories from Crossfit classes.
  8. Staff meetings are primarily opportunities to find new and great ways to better the hotel:
    1. How to produce more fruit and veggies in our organic garden?
    2. How will we build our outdoor pizza oven?
    3. What reusable materials can we use to build an Earthship inspired green house?
    4. How can we develop more fantastic activity packages to help people get away from corporate world and come recharge with us?
    5. Siestas are a way of life and not a treat.
    6. Every day is an adventure!