White Water Rafting in Jarabacoa

white water rafting in the dominican republic

Thrill-seekers, this is one for you. There is arguably nothing quite like hurtling down whitewater rapids in a little raft, along the longest river in the Caribbean.

While we are not blessed with rapids to raft in Cabarete, there is a beautiful mountain town called Jarabacoa a few hours’ drive inland.

There are a couple of adventure tour companies in Cabarete that offer a whole package that includes transport to the mountains and food along with the rafting outing. Watch out as there is often a minimum number of people to qualify for transport to be included.

You can also check out renting a car to drive yourself to Jarabacoa, where you can link up with Rancho Baigate, an adventure ranch that offers amazing rafting trips.

As is usually the case at eXtreme Hotel, simply ask our friendly receptionists and they will find the best deal that suits your particular needs.

The journey will take you winding through the central mountain range of the island, where the view opens out into some seriously impressive panoramas of the DR’s natural beauty.

You’ll get the chance to see bustling Dominican cities up close, and get a better sense of how people live outside of the Cabarete bubble.

You’ll arrive at the Yaque del Norte river, a source of life and vitality to the communities of the Cibao region.

Here, you can experience the Dominican natural landscape in a whole new adrenaline-surging way.

The rapids are no gentle ride, so come prepared for your heart to fly into your throat from time to time. It’s classified as class 3 on a scale of 1 to 4. Not insanely dangerous, but definitely not for the faint-hearted!

All the trustworthy adventure companies will have you kitted out in all the safety equipment you need to stay safe on your trip. This must include a lifejacket and helmet, and basic training of rafting protocol. If you have any concerns, let them know before you set off, preferably.

You do need to be a confident swimmer to go white water rafting in Jarabacoa, this is not for weak swimmers.

You’ll definitely need a set of dry clothes to change into, as you are guaranteed a good soaking in the river!

The scenery is very different to Cabarete. A trip inland to spend some time in the mountains provides a good contrast to the beachy paradise of the North coast. It’s also a little cooler up there!

You can ask our friendly staff at eXtreme reception to help you sort out an amazing rafting trip. They know exactly where to point you, and can give you seasonal information, too.

White water rafting in Jarabacoa is an unforgettable experience, and offers you the chance to see more of the Dominican Republic on your adventure vacation.