When Is The Best Time To Visit Cabarete

Prime Dominican Republic Time

Everyone loves the idea of getting away from the winter gray and blues and escaping to a beautiful Caribbean destination, but like anywhere in the world you should do some research on your destination before booking a ticket.  Get to know the weather, the tourist season and the best time of year to do the activities that interest you. Here’s a crash course on when you visit the Dominican North Coast!

If you want to avoid tourist and get the best deals, low season is your time to shine. From June to November the deals on local activities and housing tend to be a bit cheaper as there are less tourists around, flights are about the same price these months as January and February. Rainy season on the North Coast generally starts around November and ends in January, the rest of the Dominican Republic has regular rain fall from May to January. Here on the North Coast we are susceptible to the Atlantic Hurricane season, but thanks to the mountain range protecting us, breaking up storms that destroy other islands, we might see heavy rain and strong winds but nothing compared to our neighbours.

surfing season

Surfing – Encuentro Beach is just a few minutes’ drive from Cabarete and is a world class surf beach. If you’re a beginner surfer the waves are waiting for you year round, we only have a few ‘flat’ days a year, normally in June or July.  Here in the Dominican Republic we experience two seasons, summer (May to September) and winter (October to April). Summer is best for beginners; waves come from the east, are about 2-3 feet with short intervals between. Experienced surfers will want to come for winter, it’s prime, world class surfing with waves hitting 4-5 feet on average and have 11-14 second intervals between then.  Waves are coming from northern directions, driven here from winter storms in the United States, the long interval between waves is caused from the long distance they’ve travelled to get here. So, when you’re riding that next glorious wave, think of all the miles it has crossed building up and getting ready for you.

Kite Boarding – In the early 2000’s Cabarete became a top world destination for kite boarding, with 350 windy days a year, you can always count on Cabarete to an excellent kite surfing vacationing spot.  Winds are stronger in summer (May to September) hitting their peak in June and July, but any time of year is a good time to come! There are a few great kiting spots in the area, from Kite Beach (very popular, many kite schools, the full kiting experience) to Bozo Beach (often choppier waves) to La Boca (where the river mouth opens to the ocean) – all with different scenery and drawing factors. Cabarete is a prime Kiting area, with day/weekend trips close by.

Extreme Hotel has you covered just in case that there’s no wind or surf. Onsite you can participate in daily Yoga, Fitness or circus classes and our organic farm, Taino Farm, is worth always a visit.

Cabarete Kitesurfing Holidays