Kaiceitos Circus School comes the eXtreme Hotel!

Kaiceitos Circus School comes the eXtreme Hotel!

Kaiceitos Caribbean Circus School is coming to Extreme Cabarete Hotel!  The preperations have begun!  Soon you will

The Flying Trapeze

The Flying Trapeze being put up.

be able to try your hand at the flying trapeze, tight rope, juggling and all the circus arts right here in Cabarete!

This is going to be the premier Circus School in the Dominican Republic,  where you will be able to try all the circus art right here on Kite Beach, Cabarete!

Only at eXtreme Cabarete Hotels can you go on a kiteboarding vacation and also go surfing, Stand Up paddleboarding or SUP, skateboarding, take a spinning class, yoga and Mixed Martial Arts or MMA class, as well as fly high on the trapeze!  We also have  swimming, beach volleyball, wakeboarding and eco tours in the freshwater caves in the mountains and  jumping off or sliding down 27 waterfalls!  And that’s just during the day!

The nightlife in Cabarete is world re known for it’s  great  food, plentiful drinks, karaoke and dancing the night away in an incredibly friendly atmosphere.

More on the Caribbean Circus School to come as things get set up!

Come and enjoy living the dream kitesurfing vacation