The Butterfly Effect returns to Cabarete

The Butterfly Effect will return to Cabarete in June 2019 for a celebration of active women who love the ocean. The event will take place on the 29th June and will include SUP, windsurf and kitesurf activities.

Last year in June, the BE had a blast in Cabarete. The beaches were full of Butterflies, giving it their all and having a great time in the water.

The highlights were a 2km downriver SUP course from Islabon to La Boca, and a massive 5km downwinder from La Boca to Cabarete Beach.

BE events have a focus on learning about local culture and giving something back. Last year, the Butterfly community helped clean up the local beaches and put on a dinner to raise money for the Cabarete charity DREAM Project.

Over the years, BE has managed to donate over $45,000 to charities around the world. These funds go to important causes, like fighting breast cancer, working with at-risk young people, and supporting women who have suffered domestic and sexual violence.

The women in the community are known as ‘Butterflies’. Butterflies are women who love being active and encouraging one another.

When Butterflies come together in a non-competitive environment, they are free to connect with a community of adventure-loving women. Together, they learn new skills, grow in confidence and help each other navigate what femininity means to them.

The Butterflies also know how to have fun. BE events always have an after-party with live music, food and plenty of dancing!

About a dozen Butterflies met for the first event in Maui, Hawaii in 2007. Since then, the community has boomed, with thousands of women joining together in over 50 events.

In just over a decade, the Butterflies have fluttered all over the world. 19 countries, to be precise. Locations have included Fiji, Tahiti, Melbourne, Switzerland, Morocco, Whistler, and Israel.

Their mission is global women’s empowerment through watersports, and they are certainly spreading their wings.

Butterfly puns aside, the BE community is doing some awesome work to promote a healthy, connected lifestyle for women. Their gatherings refuse to pit women against each other, instead they to encourage and build others up, forming lifelong friendships. Now, that’s the real prize.

We can’t wait to see women of all ages coming together to do what they love on the beaches of Cabarete. Watch out for The Butterfly Effect 2019, coming to a tropical location near you!