Surf Everyday in Cabarete – Cabarete is an amazing place, perfect for people who love to seize the day and play it by ear.


First light is usually around 5am, and sometimes you stay out late enough to see it, and if you live here and have “gotten over” the night life, you might wake up early enough to see it. Lately I’ve been running to the surf beach, Encuentro to watch the day get bright around 6 am when the streets are quiet, the water is calm, and the air is wet. The surf schools don’t open until 6:30, but sometimes you’ll see a surfer out on the set finding her Zen. On a normal day, the waves are still small at that time, but I think that’s perfect because it’s like a warm up. As the swell picks up, your body wakes up.


In the summer, when Kiteboarding conditions are optimal, the wind is already picking up by 10:30. This is great for Kiters, especially those with bigger kites who don’t need a lot of wind to start flying over water. But for Surfers, wind means choppy waves and messy sets. People still stay in the surf when it gets windy, and it’s still a good time, but just not the same as 6 am clean sets and blue skies.


What I really love about Cab is how you can wake up early and see the sunrise whilst surfing, and watch the sunset whilst Kiting. Another fun fact is that when it rains at night, it usually means messy waves in the morning, but when it rains in the afternoon, and Kiters are packing up their gear, surfers are waiting for the rain to stop because it means good waves again.


big waves in encuentro

big waves in cabarete happen sometimes

Today was that kind of day. A huge storm cloud rolled in like the plague and sunny Cabarete turned into a menacing rain storm. Afterwards, I didn’t hesitate to go to Encuentro, and as soon as I could see the water from my moto on the road, I saw perfect waves and crystal waters.


We were surfing for about an hour before the wind picked up again, but it was definitely a change in scenery. In the morning the sky is glorious and the mountain landscape seems sleepy. But after the rain, the water was as green as the bright trees, and the sky was dark grey with pieces of silver water-filled clouds.


Bottom Line: Surf the sunrise, Kite the sunset, rush to the waves after it rains and drink mamajuana at night! You’ve earned it!