Spanish lessons in Cabarete

The Dominican Republic is a Spanish-speaking country. Although it’s just about possible to get by only speaking English, your vacation will be so much more comfortable (not to mention fun!) if you have a few phrases in Spanish at your disposal.

Overcoming the language barrier is essential to fully benefiting from the cultural experience available to you here in Cabarete.

For instance, it helps to know the local ‘what’s up?’ greeting is que lo que? You don’t need many words to navigate the restaurant/bar situation, and it is definitely useful to know what to say to keep those mojitos coming.

A supportive community

There’s definitely nothing to be embarrassed about, all the foreigners are on the same journey towards communicating effortlessly in Spanish. Everyone has to start somewhere, and the bravest thing you can do is try and speak as much as you can in public.

It’s scary, but this is a supportive community to learn in. It’s okay to make mistakes here, and the Dominican locals in Cabarete are very patient. They might even correct you and teach you some new words and phrases, if you take the time to stop and chat.

Importantly though, the locals will most likely really appreciate your efforts to connect with them in their native Spanish.

A little effort goes a long way!

Spanish lessons in Cabarete

Spanish lessons in Cabarete

If you’re feeling at all nervous about the prospect of speaking Spanish in Cabarete, taking a couple of lessons can make a big difference to your confidence.

Lessons aren’t just for beginners either. You can take refresher classes, or conversation classes to get you back into the swing of speaking. This can be a great activity for the first couple of days of your vacation, as you get over your jetlag and settle into town.

The team at eXtreme can help you find a good teacher, just ask at reception and we’ll put you in touch. You can take lessons right in the restaurant, by the beach. The ocean air helps with memory, I hear.

You’ll be shouting orders at the empanada stand with the rest of them in no time!