Your Guide to Pizza in Cabarete (Part 2)

Welcome back to part 2 of my Big Cabarete Pizza Tour 2018. I’m putting my health at risk to find you the perfect pizza for you in Cabarete. Just kidding.

In part 1, we toured the Callejon’s La Chabola (my fav), beachy LAX, the legit Italian pizza of Antonio’s and Pizza Spaghetti House, and the Perla Marina family classic Ceiba Pizzeria.

In the second and final part of the guide, I will continue to seek Cabarete’s best pizza, searching high and low for the crispiest crust, the meltiest cheese and the tastiest toppings.

On with the show.


Probably the most expensive pizza in town, this is Cabarete’s fancy Italian pizza joint.

The half-indoor, half-outdoor space is really beautiful. It’s a bright, clean restaurant, full of plants and large tables (great for medium-large groups).

The food is pretty good, too. ROMA’s pizza dough is top-notch (seriously, so tasty) and it came with a generous slathering of cheese, though I felt the toppings lacked a little something.

Definitely worth a try, if you are looking for proper Italian-style pizza base.

For some reason, we always get a lot of mosquito bites at ROMA, so come prepared with repellent.


Onno’s sign makes a bold claim to be ‘The Best Pizza in Town’. Sadly, after my experience there, I can’t get behind that statement.

The restaurant is on the beach next to Kahuna, on the strip of beautifully decorated places that generally serve quite disappointing food. Also, watch out for the ‘taxes and tip not included’ note on the menu. It’s an unpleasant surprise when the bill arrives with nearly 30% added onto the cost.

A big positive for ONNO is the food ‘Happy Hour’ special: 2 for 1 on tapas and pizza. And, yes, you can combine the two options.

But, the pizza itself was nothing too impressive. It was a standard floury base, which tasted a little bit too sweet for me. There was plenty of ham, but the overall pizzazz of this pizza was not there. It was pretty small, too.

Sorry, ONNO, but this pizza left me saying ‘Oh no’.

Aquarius Cafe

I learned from the waitress that Aquarius serves just fish and pizza. Not together, but I’m sure that can be arranged.

The restaurant space is pretty wacky but fascinating. While you wait for your pizza here, you can walk around the rows and rows of fish tanks and take in the sights.

There are so many bright little tropical fish to peer at. If you like to look at fish, this restaurant is a pretty special experience.

I, myself, not such a fish fan. It kind of freaked me out to eat pizza surrounded by lit-up tanks of kissy-mouthed creatures. My partner, however, gave it two thumbs up!

Sorry, onto the food. The pizza was alright. Our ham and vegetables came loaded with toppings. But, I think you more go for the spectacular fish environment than for the food.

Calla Pizza

I think this name is mean to be ‘Call-a-pizza’, but there’s not much word spacing on the sign, so lots know it as Calla Pizza.

This is your spot for a late night quick takeaway pizza. You’re likely drunk, you can’t really take in your surroundings, all you want to do is take giant bites of cheesy pizza and chew with your eyes closed.

In that case, Call-a-Pizza. Or just go there.

As the name suggests, they deliver and fast. You can reach them at (829) 865-6500.

It’s right next to the Lax/Mojito beach clubs stretch, just a little further heading towards Janet’s.


Pomodoro is probably your best bet for an Italian-style pizza on the beach. Dig your toes into the sand as you dig into your circular doughy goodness.

The setting is beautiful, and they sometimes have live music in the evenings. Lunchers or early diners can watch the kite and windsurfers at play on the water. I do love a pizza with a view.

Sadly, though the meal experience was lovely, the pizza itself fell a little short of expectations.

My first slice was pretty bland. After a thorough salt and pepper seasoning, and the addition of chili oil to my plate, the pizza was much improved. Still, I’m all about that base, and this base lacked flavour. You can’t salt the base!

The tiramisu we had for dessert was top notch, and not excessively sweet. Points for pudding.

They have an ice cream bar too with a good selection of sorbets and ice creams, for hot nights.

Overall, it’s a pricey meal, and I didn’t feel the Pomodoro pizzas were that much better than those less than half their price around town. Top marks for restaurant experience, but the pizza only hits middling scores.

Your tour ends here

Sadly, that is the end of our guided pizza tour of Cabarete. Please take care as you step out of the moving carriage.

The good news is it might be just the beginning of your vacation pizza adventure.

Cabarete is a great place to enjoy guilt-free pizza. Everyone here is so active, you kind of need the calories! Okay, maybe not pizza every night, but now you have an idea of where to go when your pizza craving hits.

Speaking of, I’m off to La Chabola for my regular jamon y hongos pizza and cuba libre.

Hasta la proxima!