Your Guide to Pizza in Cabarete (Part 1)

It’s fair to say that I like pizza. In fact, I’m so into it that I decided to conduct a pizza tour of Cabarete to find the best pizza in town.

With the help of my trusty (and all-too-willing) partner, I went about my mission.

Since there was far too much pizza to fit in one post, here’s part 1 of my round-up of Cabarete’s pizza places.

La Chabola

La Chabola is probably my favourite pizza place in Cabarete. The pizza itself is not super fancy, but it’s so delicious and always hits the spot.

It has a gorgeous homemade, rustic feel, with tasty flour-dusted dough and yummy toppings. You can watch the guys making it at the back in their fiery stone oven.

La Chabola is a super chill place to be, think low-set sofas with cushions to lounge on and low lighting.

They are known to play great music, which is always a plus. Wednesday is open mic night, so you can boogie along to some live tunes while you wait for your pizza.

Find it down the Callejon de la Loma, a little way, on the right.

Cheap drinks likely affect my judgement but, even while sober, this pizza is great!

Did I mention it’s 2 for 1 on pizzas EVERY NIGHT?

What am I still doing here?

Pizza and Spaghetti House

At a glance, this place can look small and unassuming, but don’t be fooled. When you go in, the restaurant opens out into a pretty fancy affair. Picture white chairs and tablecloths, tasteful wood-decked floors, flaming oven, and green plants all around.

The waitress brought us complimentary bruschetta when we sat down, a nice touch, and our pizza came out unexpectedly quickly.

Our sausage and red onion pizza (pictured above) was delightful. The sausage was super tasty, and the fresh basil and tomato garnish took it to another level.

Thoroughly competent pizza execution.

It’s on the pricier side, but the pizzas are pretty big and shareable if you’re not a huge eater. The experience is pretty classy.

Closed on Tuesdays.


The LAX pizza will likely not blow your mind. It’s a standard nice, little pizza. Solid.

But, LAX have great specials that are worth checking out, including 2 for 1 happy hour drinks and half price pizza and pasta (ask your waiter to check the offer is on before you order).

It’s a top spot on Cabarete beach to chill and sip half-price mojitos as the sun goes down. It heats up later though, with much music and dancing to carry you through your evening.

Pizza Antonio

Another spot in Cabarete for 2 for 1 pizza is Pizza Antonio, right by Janet’s supermarket. The pizza is good, nice thin base, well-topped, and beautifully crispy from their wood oven.

Antonio’s manages to be spacious and cosy at the same time. The Italian chef is quirky and super friendly, and there’s an overall chill vibe.

Last time I was there, they played non-stop Michael Jackson for the duration of my stay. Magical.

Ceiba Pizzeria

Ceiba is a little far out, but if you like American-style pizza, piled high with toppings, it might just be worth the trek.

I ordered the ‘Completa’ which, true to its name, came stacked with toppings. It was pretty much at capacity. There were tons of veggies, which is sometimes rare for pizza. Peppers, olives, and sweetcorn galore.

The seating area is outside, patio-style, and it has a family vibe with dogs and kids milling around.

Ceiba is in Perla Marina, a little residential neighbourhood outside the Cabarete town centre, heading out towards Sosua. It’s named after the giant trees that you will see around Perla Marina. They’re quite impressive.

Stay Tuned

So, we’ve come to the end of part 1, but keep your eyes pealed for part 2, when we will be continuing our pizza tour of Cabarete. Coming up, we have late-night takeout, fancy Italian fare, and a restaurant filled with aquariums. Yes, fish tanks. With fish in them. Don’t miss it.