The best organic chocolate and almond butter can offer a healthy snack at any time:
It happened again. I woke up in a sweat and I couldn’t fall back to sleep. I tossed and turned, but nothing seemed to help. I started counting sheep… pointless. I started telling my body to relax and fall asleep…feet, ankles, calves…I got to my stomach and gave up. When I finally caved, I slid out of bed and made my way to my desk. It was still dark, but I knew exactly where it was. As if I had night vision, I reached into my desk and grabbed it. I unfolded the tinfoil wrapping, broke off a piece, and sat down for what would be a midnight foodgasm. The homemade 80% organic chocolate instantly started melting on my tongue and brought me into another world.

I will admit now that I’m not proud of my addiction. Most of my pockets are littered with small pieces of tinfoil. I’ve even lying to my friends and family, “It’s just water weight!” but my defensive tone totally blows my cover. Zach taught me that “sharing is caring” but c’mon, this shit is primo gold! The best way for me to avoid this addiction is to only buy one bar and eat it as fast as I can.

I haven’t always been like this, but since our good friend Maria started making organic chocolate at Taino Farm to sell, I’ve been hooked. In my defense, its better then eating a box of chocolate cookies or ice cream from Bon. Most health articles will say that dark chocolate is good for you… so that’s my justification.

Cocao Pod

Organic Cocao Pod’s in the Raw… only the best stuff goes into this chocolate

My favourite dessert is when Maria arrives with a fresh batch of organic almond butter AND dark chocolate…can someone say chocolate almond butter sandwich?? YES PLEASE! Both products are made with love and care. It’s not an easy process to accumulate all the ingredients, roast them to perfection, produce and package. We’ve trained up the farmers to help with the process, but Maria still does most of the work herself, including perfecting a chocolate recipe that even Willi Wonka would admire. As soon as she’s got a batch ready she brings it down to Extreme to sell.

roasted almonds

Almonds that are grown naturally, organically, and locally – right by the ocean. We harvest them, sun dry them, crack them and then roast them.

Maria has almond butter and chocolate ready for purchase most of the time, and the Extreme team staff is sure to let hotel guests and Cabarete locals know when it’s around. You can always make a custom order by emailing


250RD – 80% organic chocolate bar

500RD – jar of organic almond butter

organic almond butter

the finished product- smooth creamy organic almond butter – 1lb of almonds goes into each jar (and nothing else!)

Because we’re adamant at reducing and reusing, the prices might vary depending on what jars Maria is able to find and use for the nut butter. Prices might also change slightly for the chocolate if she decides to add nuts or fruit to the chocolate.

So unleash your inner fat kid and give in to some healthy-guilty-pleasures. Because you only live once and there’s no better way to be decadent than doing so in a eco-friendly-locally-produced-oh-so-awesome kinda way.

By Genevieve