New Year’s is always a great time in Cabarete.

Not only do we have the normal crowds from the Christmas rush, but we also have the Dominican elite who come up from Santo Domingo to bring in the new year.  To add to the excitement, the locals are all happy to usher in a new year with new opportunities, and most of all for the kitesurfers, the start of the winter wind season.

This year, like all new years in Cabarete, the party was down in Cabarete bay.  The eXtreme team all joined together for a big family style dinner, enjoying the traditional Dominican fare of pork and rice, before heading into downtown Cabarete to see the festivities first hand.

New players in town like Nikki Beach and the new Blue Cabarete restaurant were also filled, and with a new type of crowd.  As the backpackers are moving on from Cabarete, the jet set style are filling the voids.  The added benefit is more upscale restaurants and services, and the need from the Dominican government to provide better services, like internet and phone systems that work during the peak rush, as the new high profile visitors demand much more.

As the night went on, out came the fireworks and the party continued at the usual haunts like Lax and Pomodoro’s, where the more subdued entered the new year with families and their children.

Here at eXtreme we are looking forward to 2011, as we have a great team in place with all our activities.  The circus school welcomes Liam of the UK, who is a circus performer and is sure to give us some great stunts to watch.  The Gym has Zach and his crossfit training, that is gaining popularity amongst the local expats who enjoy the fast results and increase in fitness levels.  The kitesurfing school and Richard are coming right along, proving to be the most popular kitesurfing school on kite beach,  Papo and the ju jitzu school are keen to host another competition here after the success of the last tournament, and Corinna and the kite lounge restaurant are getting their pacing, bringing in great meals to the happy customers.

We want to wish happy new year to everyone and all the best for 2011 from eXtreme Cabarete!