Horseback Riding Tips in Cabarete

Horseback Riding Tips in Cabarete

Riding around the countryside on horseback, you’ll get a totally different experience of the Dominican Republic.

It’s a great chance to pull yourself away from the familiar comforts of your hotel in Cabarete and try something new.

There are several places in Cabarete and a little outside town that are trusted sources of healthy, happy horses. I’d recommend you use one of these, even if it means paying a bit extra for your horseback riding adventure.

Sadly, you might see some horses around town that don’t look up to the job of carrying a rider. Please don’t ride a horse that looks malnourished, has dull or clouded eyes, or a patchy coat. Play it safe, if in doubt. It’s not worth adding to these animals’ suffering.

Luckily, there are three reliable sources who board plenty of well-treated horses you can ride.

Make sure you negotiate the price knowing exactly what’s included. Often there’s the option to add a taxi to come pick you up from your hotel and a Dominican lunch.

After all, what’s a horseback ride through the Dominican countryside without a massive plate of rice and beans?

Sea Horse Ranch

Sea Horse Ranch is Cabarete’s equestrian centre. They offer guided tours around their stunning network of bridle paths and private beaches, as well as lessons for all ages and abilities.

They board a selection of Paso Finos, Tennessee Walkers, Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, and ponies. You’re sure to find a horse to suit your needs.

Riding, show jumping, horse care, dressage – Sea Horse Ranch do it all.

You’ll find it a short drive outside town, heading towards Sosua. It’s very visible from the road.

Rancho Luisa y Tommy

Tommy Bernard grew up on the island, riding horses. The Rancho has been operating tours since 1985. It’s a little way out of town in Sabaneta de Yasica. Their 22 horses are beautiful and healthy animals, given plenty of space and love.

They offer a few different styles of tours through mountains, rivers, villages, and beaches. As well as full- and half-day tours, Tommy can guide you on a special sunset or full moon ride. These are quite spectacular, especially if your ride is joined by bright fireflies!

If you’re feeling really adventurous and want to dedicate a few days to exploring the island on horseback, the Rancho can arrange longer trips, where you stay overnight in little mountain cottages.

Iguana Mama

Iguana Mama are an adventure company that do all sorts of tours, including horseback riding tours.

They offer half-day and full-day outings. Half-day tours last 3-4 hours and you can choose your flavour: ‘Beaches and Villages’ or ‘Mountains and Rivers’.

The full-day tour lasts 7-8 hours and you will get the full mountain/river/beach experience. Sore bum comes included on this mammoth tour!

Horseback riding tour top tips:

  • Wear long trousers or pants, and closed shoes. You don’t want to lose a flip-flop in the river!
  • Fair-skinned friends, don’t forget sun protection! You can ask the guide beforehand how shady the tour will be, so you can judge how to stay safe in the sun. You can also arrange tours in the morning or evening to avoid the full glare of the Caribbean mid-day sun.
  • Bring small change and coins for snacks. This especially important if your tour does not include lunch. You can likely stop at colmados for a bite to eat or drink.
  • Wear a bathing suit underneath your riding gear for swimming in the river. On a hot day, it’s a beautiful way to cool off, so don’t miss out!
  • Bring enough water.
  • Breathe deep and take it all in: sounds, smells, everything!