Not everyone likes going to the gym, but after spending years eating fast food and chugging sodas the time has come. You either continue on that downward and slippery slope or join a gym.

The whole idea may seem intimidating and fraught with opportunities for humiliation. But Why Go to the Gym at All? Good question! Here’s why: because even though exercise is not generally “fun,” at least not like sex or chocolate cake or winning the Lottery, at the gym it is often less awful than in some other places.

 Depending on what options are nearby, there are all kinds of things you can play around with to keep you occupied. They have fancy equipment you could never afford yourself; aerobic classes with pulsing music and perky instructors (or their mellower yoga counterparts); they might have pools to swim in and courts to play on and cute buffed trainers to help you personalize your fitness program. Plus, gyms are climate controlled! In short: if you don’t have a wonderful outdoor alternative, gyms can be awesome places to get fit without suffering too much.

A great way to get through the anxiety of starting in a new gym is by going to  a destination gym for a fitness vacation.  During your vacation on the beach, you will build your knowledge level and basic fitness while on vacation in an epic location doing numerous activities including; Personal training, Spinning on Real Rider bikes, Power yoga, Working your core or whatever else you fancy.

Our unique location in Cabarete offers so much for such a small place.  The fit active vibe will help motivate you to do your classes, and the like minded and friendly people all around will help you get fit! .

We are in Cabarete, on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. A quaint little surfer, kite surfer and wind surfing mecca. Well okay maybe mecca is to strong, but surely a great spot and a close flight for many.  So close in fact, that it’s faster for New Yorkers to come down here than to head out to the hamptons, and often for the same price!

 A former north coast fishing village has transformed into a real beauty of a spot for vacationers. Mi gym, located at Extreme hotel presents it’s Fitness camps or vacation fitness packages catering to your needs. We use CrossFit as our means to get you in shape fast.  This includes a variety of movements and exercises that will change your current fitness level fast. Actually it is stated to be one of the best fitness or exercise plans on the planet.

CrossFit is growing by leaps and bounds and is currently being used by many Police and military around the world. The idea is simple suing compound movements to create a real world fitness program that will get you going.

 Cabarete and Extreme Hotel offer fun for the entire family, with unique outings as well as fun things to do.  From exploring the local caves, Hiking the national forest, Mountain biking, Kite surfing, Windsurfing, Surfing (a great spot for all levels, this true for all watersports here), the list is endless.

Cabarete draws visitors from all over the world, as close as North America (a 1 hour, 30 minute flight out of Miami and as far as eastern europe). There sis not a day that goes by that Extreme hotel does not see a wide variety of visitors. Extreme offers numerous activities in itself and with several surrounding activities you could be busy for weeks without even thinking of going anywhere else.  Kiting Windsurfing Boogie boarding snorkeling Kayaking Spear fishing Fishing (from shore or boat) SUP (stand up paddleboarding) Lounging around the beach or pool Eating out (lots of local cuisine from simple Mexican to french or continential, you name it) Mt. biking Hiking Caving Tubing down local rivers Exploring local organic farm (Extreme has their own) Airial arts (circus and trapeze) school on the Extreme Property Jiu Jitsu school on the property This list is endless……..