From Samana To Cabarete

How to get from Samana to Cabarete, is a question we often here at the hotel. Samana is definitely worth a trip if you are staying for a while in the Dominican Republic and getting there is already an adventure itself!

“Colibri”, “Papagayo” and “Transporte El Canario”, are all private buses, leaving Puerto Plata  along the North Coast of the Dominican Republic through until Samana.

“Transporte Papagayo” is  a maroon colour bus with PUERTO PLATA – SAMANA written on the windshield.  The North Coast Bus route leave Puerto Plata at 6:45 a.m. from the front of the Brugal  Hospital in Puerto Plata.   It passes by Sosua around 7:00a.m, and will stop to pick up passengers in front of  Playero Supermarket,  before continuing on to  Nagua.  It will arrive in  Sanchez around 9:30a.m. Get off in Sanchez if you want to head to Las Terrenas.   The Bus continues along the Samana Peninsula and ends in Samana at 10:30a.m.   The route back to to Puerto Plata leaves at 2:00.p.m.

Las Terrenas is about a 45 minute drive from Samana City.

Contact the driver :(809) 749-6415(Spanish only) for his schedule.

Another option for the route to Las Terennas is “Transporte El Canario” or the “Chicken Bus”.  This bus is  light blue colour, but it  don’t have a daily route. Instead, the owner drives it whenever the owner whants or needs to .

“Transporte El Canario”  also stops  in Sosua to pick up more at Playero Supermarket.

The  phone number  for “Transporte El Canario” is (809) 291-5594.

The third option is the “Colibri” bus, from  Puerto Plata to Samana,  departing  from Puerto Plata early in the morning from the Hospital in POP.

There are also some Caribe tour buses leaving puerto plata for samana, best to contact them directly.

Update Jan 2012

Transportes Papagayo 809-749-6415 leaves Puerto Plata Hospital around 6:45am once a day for Samana. They stop in front of Janet’s but will stop anywhere in Cabarete/Sosua if you call them. I was told they go through Cabarete at about 7:15am. To be safe, I would be in the sub stop at 7am. They stated it is a blue bus (not purple) but I wouldn’t trust that what we may consider purple is shade of blue for Dominicans. They will stop at the airport entrance for you.

Update June 2018

There’s also the option to take a public Guagua for 350 Pesos. Ask reception to call the day before and to ask for the latest schedule, usually they pass the hotel at around 6.30am.