It’s been a busy few days here at eXtreme Cabarete.  The fitness options and the active vibe here is infectious.

Every day we wake up and see how sore we are from the day before.  Perhaps it was a late spinning class with Michelle, or an Ahanti yoga class with Molly that had me pushing my limits with inversions.  It could have been an afternoon of flying trapeze, with my heart pounding as I flew through the air, got caught, and thrown back through the air to complete the catch.

So today I approached Papo, the Jui Jitsu trainer, to ask him for some self defense classes.  Papo is a likeable happy sort, always with a smile on his face.  If it were not for the trademark Mixed Martial Arts ears on him, you would never know that his is a pro ring fighter and top notch trainer.  He’s too humble to tell most people.

Papo’s classes begin like all fitness workouts do, with a warm up and conditioning.  It’s the most important part of every workout, because if you’re too tired to perform, it doesn’t matter how go you are.  It’s also part of what inspires everyone to get fit here at eXtreme Cabaerte, as everything is centered around fitness.

After the warm up, my self defense class began.  The training was intense yet fun.  And the required reptitions are anything but tedious, as Papo’s experience means he knows how to always keep it fun.

We end the workout with some warm downs, and thank Papo for his amazing instruction.    Straight to the bar for a water, smoothie and some eggs to get some protein to help rebuild.  Zach the nutritionist has taught us all well in our body’s needs while working out daily.

Who knows what the afternoon will bring.  Sure to be more fitness, and for sure to be more fun!