Did you know that the Dominican Republic is the world’s largest producer of Cigars?

All production was shifted to the Dominican Republic when it was not allowed to buy Cuban cigars

Dominican Republic is the world's largest producer of Cigars

The history of Dominican Cigars

When the tobacco producers in Cuba could no longer sell their products to the United States, they migrated to the Dominican Republic. And they brought with them all the experience and know-how they gained working in the fields in Cuba.

How the Dominican Republic became a major player in the tobacco industry

Once in the Republic, they began to cultivate the Cuban seed they brought with them, and started growing tobacco in the rich and fertile fields of our islands. The country has the same climate as Cuba, and cultivating tobacco here was not much different. Production takes place mainly in the central islands of Cibao Valley and Santiago, due to their ideal conditions for tobacco growing.

Approximately 90% of the factories are in the fertile lands of the Cibao capital. More than 600,000 acres of tobacco fields produce unique cigars of impeccable quality and taste.

Cigar Capital of the World

Today, the Cigar Capital of the World is Tamboril in Santiago, Dominican Republic. There are more cigar factories than anywhere else in the world. The Dominican Republic is the largest producer of cigars in the world. According to Cigar Aficionado, 44% of the world’s most traded cigars come from the Dominican Republic. Our country is the largest supplier of cigars to the US in the last decades.

For aficionados, some of the most beloved smokes are Dominican cigars

The Dominican cigars aren’t very different, compared to the Cuban ones, and sometimes their quality far exceeds the quality of the Cuban, thanks to aging and exceptional Quality Control. The Dominican Republic is providing some of the best cigars out there, although generally, the Dominican Cigars are milder than Cuban.

Every enthusiast knows that the tobacco produced in the Dominican Republic has excellent qualities. Its flavor profile is exceptional, and smokes are highly desirable among the aficionados. They say that Dominican tobacco is incredible and many brands proudly advertise the origin of their products.

Here are the Top 5 Cigars produced in the Dominican Republic, according to Cuenca Cigars and the Cigar Aficionado scores

  • La Flor Dominicana Ligero, which is a strong and full-flavored cigar that’s very complex. Its characteristic taste is that of a musky spice with strong notes of cedar.
  • Montecristo White, which is a blend of the best Nicaraguan and Dominican long-fillers. It is wrapped with Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade that is hand-chosen. Its taste feels creamy and smooth as butter.
  • Ashton Classic is one of the best cigars coming from the Dominican Republic. Two legends of the industry, Robert Levin and Carlos Fuente came together to create a product of excellent quality. The Ashton Classic is one of the most coveted cigars in the market.
  • Trinidad Santiago is a Cuban-heritage cigar that scored 92% on Cigar Aficionado. It is created by Rafael Nodal and Jochy Blanco and features a 100% Dominican blend filling.
  • PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Natural is created in a boutique factory. It’s a reliable smoke wrapped with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.

Visit our exotic paradise and indulge in Dominican cigars

Now that you know that the Dominican Republic offers the most exquisite cigars, you have one more reason to visit our paradise island and indulge yourself. At Extreme Hotel, we will be happy to help you explore the local cigar market.


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