Dominican Barber Shops in Cabarete

There are those who say that once you’ve had the Dominican barber shop experience, you’ll never settle for anything less.

The coffee, the beer, the music, the dancing, the banter. The charismatic barber’s skill with a blade. It’s all part of the Dominican barber shop culture.

If you look at men’s hair around Cabarete, you’ll notice that the young men generally keep their hair in great condition. It’s not uncommon for a Dominican man to go to the barber shop every week to keep his trim looking fresh. You’ll also notice that there are barber shops all over town.

These shops are not just places to get a sweet trim. They are buzzing social centres.

Dominican barbers talk to everyone. That means, they know every single little bit of juicy gossip in town. As well as social goings-on, they are fountains of information on local dealings, like who might be wanting to sell a motorbike or house.

Basically, in Cabarete, the barbers can hook you up, whatever you need. These guys can be some of the most popular, friendly folk around.

Don’t be surprised if the barber shop plays really loud music. And I mean really loud.

The guy cutting your hair may be dancing along to a breakneck quick Merengue song with his eyes shut, but don’t be alarmed. He knows what he’s doing.

The booming music frequently draws in crowds, and many locals will stop by the shop for a beer or a cuba libre (rum and Coke). The young and not-so-young rock up for a good time, revving their motos and honking their horns. It’s even known to be a good place to meet a nice lady.

It’s a lesser known fact that some of the best party vibes in town are found in unexpected places. Like the local barber shop or petrol station (la bomba). Wherever there is music and beer (or rum), Dominicans bring the party.

These are the sites of real contemporary Dominican culture. Count yourself lucky to take in the lively atmosphere of a spontaneous barber shop party.