The circus retreat performance at extreme hotel was pretty fantastic last night.

So how do I put this… last night was amazing. Thanks for the show…? You girls were great. Can I put the tip in your bra…? Where did you learn those mean skills?… nope, that all sounds oddly sexual. But then again so are aerial arts and circus performances in general. But if you ask this team of highly skilled, highly talented, and highly ripped acrobats, they’d tell you that it’s an expression, and that creating each act is an extremely artistic endeavor.

Circus performance at extreme

Circus girls

I had the pleasure (ahem – again with the sexy words) of catching Kerri’s brand new show last night. Since the Sweet Retreats†k Team has only been at Extreme for ten days, their routine was still in the works and is still a little wet behind the ears. Of course this actually worked to their advantage. The girls bantered with the audience between sets, asking what everyone thought, and did back flips, walkovers, and handsprings while fluttering around like little birds. It was so natural it seemed like it was how they always interact with people. And when the beautifully elegant knife-dancing-Olga dropped her knife, we were all able to drop our jaws a little farther when she was able to recover with the same grace.

Circus team

circus crew at extreme

Their one hour show kicked off with one of Kaiceitos‘ very own doing a graceful strength routine on the hanging bar, then an areal arts routine by Chloe and Kerri, followed by the circus boys on the beach throwing poi, which are basically burning balls of fire on sticks (ahem). This is actually a pretty big thing internationally, and we welcome poi dancers to our beach side paradise every year. The whole show was done to booming pop-hip-hop-technoey beats. The crowd went wild for the group, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that left vowing to myself that tomorrow I would pick up where I left off with my hand stands and by next week I’d be skipping town in search of some long lost circus dream.

The best part about the whole thing is that I totally could have done that. Or so I felt.

The sense of place that you get at Extreme is that anything is possible. Wake up one morning and you’re a circus freak – I mean circus pro, and the next day you could be on your way to being one of the first Olympian kite boarders in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My point is, this type of stuff just crops up all the time here. For all of you who surely share the same dream, Kerri is also kind enough to provide classes to the public for those who would like to learn the aerial arts, tumbling, handstands, trapeze and much more. Although this amazing group will be leaving us shortly, they do retreats twice a year at Extreme! Be sure to check our Facebook page and website for updates on Kerri’s Sweet Retreats at Extreme Hotel.

circus crew


By: Monica Rush