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Cabarete - A Runner's Dream

Running in Cabarete is magical. The trick is to wake up before the heat sets in - which is not that early, only 6:15 or so. I don’t think there exists a more ideal temperature to run in. Warm enough that you don’t have to start with a long…
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Water Sports in Cabarete

The eXtreme Hotel attracts all kinds of visitors who want to enjoy Water Sports in Cabarete The wind and waves are a consistent gift from mother nature, making Cabarete a go-to destination for kiteboarding, surfing, windsurfing,…
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Surf Everyday in Cabarete

Surf Everyday in Cabarete - Cabarete is an amazing place, perfect for people who love to seize the day and play it by ear.   First light is usually around 5am, and sometimes you stay out late enough to see it, and if you live here…