Ultimate Cabarete Beach Guide

Cabarete is a world-famous watersports hub, so it’s no surprise it has some pretty amazing beaches. If you’re an active person looking to get the most adventure out of your vacation, this might just be the place for you.

Cabarete is a small town with a big personality. It’s located on the North coast of the Dominican Republic, near Puerto Plata.

Here’s a run-through of the best spots to kite, surf, windsurf, SUP, and swim! We’ll start at Cabarete Beach, the longest beach by the center of town, and work our way downwind.

Ultimate Cabarete Beach Guide

Cabarete Beach

This is the most bustling beach in Cabarete, sporting many restaurants and shops, as well as the best wind on the island. In Cabarete, we are blessed with side-onshore wind, so it’s safer to be out on the water and ideal for beginners. You’ll find plenty of kite schools here, with instructors eager to show you the ropes and get you feeling confident.

Windsurfers tend to hang out upwind on Cab Beach, because of a wind pocket. Kiters ride along the middle of beach, but be aware as it does get choppier as you move away from the point (near Janet’s supermarket). Crack out your SUP before the wind picks up, which is usually shortly after 11am.

If you’re not into watersports, there’s lots of space to relax on Cabarete Beach. You can top up your enviable Caribbean tan, dive into a book, or strike up a conversation with a fellow sun-worshipper. And, of course, be sure to spend at least an afternoon sipping coconut water and mojitos until sunset.

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Bozo Beach

Bozo is so named because it’s where you end up if you’re a beginner (or bozo) kiting on Cabarete Beach.

That said, it’s a great place to be out on the water. So good, in fact, that this is where the pro kiters gather to show off their best tricks at competitions.

There’s plenty of ocean space when you get out, though you sometimes find a bit of shore break and some chop. Bozo’s nearby reef is popular with kiters on directional boards.

On a low-wind day, you’ll see confident bodyboarders and bodysurfers having fun at Bozo.

Punta Goleta

Punta Goleta is a calm place to soak up the sunshine away from the crowds. It’s a popular place for skimboarders to play around, and you can enjoy their antics from the beach.

Kiters tend to steer clear of this area because of choppy waters and proximity to Kite Beach point. You can easily get yourself into a bad situation here, if you’re struggling to relaunch your kite, and drift toward the rocks near the point or the shallow reef. Not for beginners.

Kite Beach

Right on our doorstep, mere footsteps from La Mesa Taina restaurant in eXtreme, is the world-class Kite Beach. As the name suggests, this beach is a kiters dream. Perfect wind conditions on over 300 days a year, gorgeous sand, warm bright-blue water – if you’re lucky, you might even see turtles swimming around you when you’re out on the water!

eXtreme guests enjoy prime access to Kite Beach, so you can be the first on the water when the wind picks up! We also have a grassy area where you can hose down and pack up your kit, away from the sand. You can store your kit just a few steps off the beach, and head straight to our farm-to-table restaurant to refuel. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

There are a good few kite schools around on Kite Beach, with skilled, experienced instructors to help you on your way.

Safety tip: If you’re going around the point, be sure to give it a wide berth, since there are a good number of rocks. You’ll find the flattest water just downwind of the point. It’s common to see locals spear-fishing at the point, too.

Kite Beach in the early morning is a magical place to be. Take a dip or have a paddle out on the glassy water. Experienced paddlers can find some paddle surf waves out on the reef.

At eXtreme, The Yoga Loft is a serene space that looks out over the water. Join us there for morning practice to ground yourself before an active day. Mats and blocks are provided, so don’t worry about bringing your own equipment!

Playa Encuentro

Encuentro is THE place to rise and surf in Cabarete. Just a 5-minute moto ride from eXtreme, it’s a must-see if you’re a looking to catch some waves in the area. The variety of breaks makes it an ideal spot for surfers of all ability levels. First-timers can keep their cool in the Beginners’ Area (between Pauhana and Bobo’s), where mellow waves and helping hands abound. Seasoned experts can test their skills in the Destroyers or Coco Pipe breaks.

You can rent boards there or bring your own. The guys from Pauhana Surf School are your best choice, excellent equipment and great teachers!

Get down there early for a sunrise surf, before the wind and crowds start to build at around 9am. Big waves mean SUPs are not allowed here, and swimming is not advisable. Stick to the board.

With 350 surfable days a year, Encuentro is a safe bet for your surfing holiday.

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Come and join the party!

The beach in Cabarete is a year-round outdoor playground for adventure-seekers and ocean lovers, zen beach babes and party animals. As they say, the sun always shines in the Caribbean.

Whether you’ve been on the water a day or a decade, you’ll soon feel at home on Cabarete’s friendly beaches.