Guests often ask us for recommendations for a good Dominican Organic Coffee.  For us, we send people to the Cabarete Coffee Company.

They are one of the only organic menu places in the Dominican Republic.  Even though there is only a few organic items on the menu, it’s a good start.

If you want to phone in your order for delivery, the phone number for Cab Coffee is 809-571-0919

The portions can be small, but the coffee is amazing, which is what we come for.  Expect to pay double what you would normally pay for a coffee if you go for one of the premier coffees, but if you’re on vacation, who’s counting the coins?

Another big plus for Cabarete Coffee company is that they deliver and they are open early in the morning.  Their place is also a cool place to hang out and surf the web, as they have an air conditioned interior.

If you want to get to Cabarete Coffee Company from eXtreme Cabarete, you have 2 options for walking.  It’s about 1/2 a mile away from Kite Beach, along either the beach or the road.  The road can be quite busy, so we often recommend to guests to take the beach route.

If you walk along the road, it’s hard to miss, as there is a nice big road sign.  Beware the oncoming traffic if you choose this route.

The Road view of Cabarete Coffee Company

If you ware walking along the beach, then it’s a big tricky to recognize the entrance to Cabarete Coffee, as the the path is kind of hidden.  It’s located at the entrance of Nanny Estate, just past Punta Goleta for those who know Puta Beach and Kite Beach.

For those that are new to the area, you walk along the beach past the point (which is where Ocean Point one is), and you come to Puta Beach.  Walk along Puta Beach (which is definced by the big while development, called Punta Goleta).  Just Past Punta Goleta you will see a cement structure that looks like it was once a beach front shop, but is now covered in sand.  Beside that is a rock path that leads up to the back side of Nanny Estates.  Once you walk kup that rock path, you will notice a road lined with Royal Palms – at the end of that road is Cab Coffee.

Here are some photos to make it easier for you.

Entrance from the beach to Cabarete Coffee Company


And here is the path you walk down once you climb up the rocks from the road


The path from the beach to Cab Coffee