Beer brands in the Dominican Republic

Beer brands in the Dominican Republic

Drinking cool, crisp Dominican Republic beer at the beach!

Nothing better than relaxing on a white, sandy, Caribbean beach, with a cool, crisp bottle of Dominican Republic beer in your hand. An experience you’ll never forget. A memory to last a lifetime!

When traveling to the Dominican Republic, visitors usually expect to drink rum, but that is not their only choice. Far from that! Beer has a strong place in the Dominican Republic. There is even a local brewing industry that produces some key beer brands that have great taste and do really well.

Beer brewing history in the Dominican Republic

The history of beer brewing in the Dominican Republic doesn’t go far back. In 1929, the first plant to start operations in the country was the Dominican National Brewery (CND) or Cervecería Nacional Dominicana. The first beers they produced were Beer Reiner, Maltina Reiner, and Beer Columbus.

Later, beer production started to expand, and in 1935, the first-ever Presidente Especial was produced. Up until today, this great pilsner-type beer has become the most popular choice all over the Dominican Republic. It is a staple choice when people on the island want a cold refreshing drink. Presidente has a loyal following, and global exports are also on the rise! They export it to countries like the United States, Spain, Germany, Italy, Cuba, the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Presidente, Bohemia, and lots of craft beers

Locals in the Dominican Republic love their Presidente, and it is by far the most popular choice! But it’s not the only choice. Once on the island, you also have to try some of the variations of Presidente, as well as other loved craft beers such as:

  • Presidente Light
  • Presidente Black
  • Bohemia Especial, a highly recommended choice
  • Bohemia Light
  • Quisqueya Light
  • Cerveza Quisqueya, a highly recommended choice
  • La Benedicta
  • Costeña, etc.

What’s so different about beer in the Dominican Republic?

Well, apart from the taste of the local brands, what makes a striking difference to visitors is the temperature at which the beers are served. The beers are brought to you at 2 to 4 degrees Celsius, in other words, real close to freezing point. The locals even call their beers ‘dressed like a bride’ because of the white layer of ice around the glass. When the beer is so cold that a white frosting covers the whole bottle, people say ‘Vestida de Novia,’ which means dressed for wedding.

Try Dominican Republic beer for yourself

The Dominican Republic is an excellent tourist destination, one that offers visitors much more than rum! There are locally produced cigars [link to cigar article] of the finest quality and excellent quality home-produced beers. In Santo Domingo and throughout, the country beer drinkers can enjoy the cool rich taste of Presidente, Bohemian, and many others. You will find Presidente in every single place, from the local store and supermarket to the hottest nightclub in town.

For a true taste of the Dominican culture, you can come to Cabarete and grab your beer at the beach where Extreme Hotel is situated. When you arrive, grab a large one and share it with everyone around. It’s a must! It’ll be a memory you might never forget.



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