Yoga postures you can do while in bed? Absolutely. The other night, I found myself twisting and turning in bed all night trying to go to sleep. No exercise that day had me holding onto some pent up energy and had my mind was buzzing. Why not relax the muscles tension and calm my mind with a simple in bed yoga series.


Here are some good twists and turns for bedtime relaxation.

Reclining Bound Angle Pose with pillow or blanket
Your deepest breath starts now. Reaching the top of my head away from my shoulders, and breathing deep through my nose, I felt an almost instant release of stress. I initially tried it without the pillow but I knew something was missing so I grabbed my pillow, put it between my shoulder blades to elevate my head for comfort and opened my shoulders and chest.


Reclined Bound Angle Pose with Pillows

-Pillow is optional but a great tool to open the shoulders. Make sure it is lengthwise down your spine with the top below your head allowing your head to drop back.
-Don’t look for a stretch here. Squeeze your but and pull your knees apart once settled but then release the tension and breathe. Let gravity do the rest.
-Hands palms up by your sides
-Count your breaths in and out starting with 1 on your first inhale and 2 on an exhale. Go to 10 and start over at 1. Do this 2 times. 20 total.
-Remember this is for you. If you want your hands folded across your chest. Do it. Want an extra pillow under your head. Grab one. Sometimes I prefer to splay my knees and do a forward bend over my feet (butterfly pose)  before I lay back. Make this little bedtime practice your own.

Spinal Twist
I LOVE twists… I figure if I do them before bed then maybe I won’t wake up in a tornado mess in the middle of the night. If done right this should have your eyes rolling to the back of your head with this sublime back release. Bed set up is important so you don’t twist off your bed. If you twist right, start on the left side of the bed, and vice versa.

spinal twist yoga move

spinal twist bed time yoga

-Like all postures, make sure you reach tall through the body to lengthen the spine.
-Before you twist, take a HUGE inhale through the nose and hold as you send your leg across the body and release your breath fully when your knee touches the bed on the other side or when you have reached your full twist.
-You might add a bend to your bottom leg as you come across with the top leg. This is fine but straighten it out as you continue into your breath focus. 5 huge inhales on each side.
-Feel free to close your eyes but make sure you keep your gaze at your opposite arm across the bed away from your twisting leg.

Half pigeon pose
This posture is my personal favorite and a constant request in all of my classes. One of the most powerful hip openers you can find. Good for all but great for those that find themselves seated for extended periods of time.

half pigeon yoga pose

half pigeon pose

-From your hands and knees lift your right knee and send it to your right wrist while twisting your foot towards your left wrist. The closer you have your foot to the opposite wrist, the more intensity of your stretch. I suggest starting light and making an adjustment after a few series of breath.
-With your leg under your chest. Slowly extend the opposite leg that is supporting your hips, behind and straight. You can roll to the forward leg’s side for more comfort but from there you focus on pressing both hips to the floor or mattress.
-Once your hips are square and down. Slowly bend forward bringing your chest over your forward leg supporting with your hands. If mobility allows, you can bring your elbows and/or head down above the forward knee/shin.
-Stay here for 10 exhales for each leg.
-When switching or coming out, make sure you use your hands to gently push yourself up and roll to the side of the forward leg. Always be conscious of the forward knee.

Upside down cobra
Last but not least. A nice little inversion to really relax and clear your mind. A great stretch for the neck and abs.

upside down cobra

doing an upside down cobra laying on the side of your bed

-Finding the right spacing here can be tricky but allow your head to fall back and hang uninterrupted.
-Slide your shoulders off the bed to open the chest a little more and increase your inversion effect.
-The final touch is inhaling your arms slowly above your hanging head and close your eyes.
-Count your breaths in and out starting with 1 on your first inhale and 2 on an exhale. Go to 10 and start over at 1. Do this 2 times. 20 total.

Sweet dreams and Namaste.