April in Cabarete is one of he best months to be here.  Easter weekend is the most celebrated holiday in the Dominican Republic, with residents from all over the country coming to Cabarete to enjoy the beaches and beach parties and live music featuring many of the best artists from the Dominican Republic and Peurto Rico.  The parties begin on Thursday and go right through to Monday, with Friday and Saturday nights being the most celebrated.

After Easter until June it is considered to be low season here in Cabarete.  There tends to not be as many visitors or vacationers to the area at this time.  This is what makes it the perfect time to come to kitebeach on a kiteboarding vacation.  There are very few kites out on the water and you have the entire bay to yourself.  The best part though, is that the wind is always pumping.  There is kiteable wind 6-7 days a week beginning around 11am and continuing until after the sun goes down.  For the first few hours, most kiteboarders are out on 10-13m kites and in the afternoon, 7-9m kites.  There are even a few days where 5 and 6m kites can be seen out on the water.

April through May is the best time to take advantage of perfect wind and no crowds at kitebeach.  Relax and enjoy your kitesurfing vacation here at eXtreme hotel where the wind is pumping and you can launch your kite directly on the beach behind the hotel.  The steady trade winds are also perfect for learning to kite.  Our excellant kite instructors at Cosmic Kite Lounge are ready to assist you in your progression whether your level is advanced, intermediate or beginner.