It’s nice to see the students learning to kiteboard at the Kite Lounge improving so rapidly.  After three solid days of kiteboarding here on kite beach, everyone’s kitesurfing  skills have improved greatly.  I’ve heard from some of the Canadian guests at eXtreme Hotel how in the last few days they’ve managed to work the kinks and rustiness out and have already improved their kiteboarding abilities from last year.

Last night was a social evening here in Cabarete with a large group of people heading into town to experience the Cabarete nightlife excitement.  After dinner of real chicken wings at Residencia Dominicana, with homemade sauces, everyone headed out to Lax bar for dancing and chilling on bozo beach at tables, on lounge chairs or even bean bags.  After a few (or more than a few) drinks many people found themselfs either heading back to eXtreme or to the Casino which has an excellant nghtclub that is in full swing from 3am until the sun comes up.

All in all everyone is making the most of their kiteboarding holiday here in Cabarete.  No other kiteboarding destisnation offers so much fun, all in one great place!