Today started amazingly with very warm weather early in the morning and people even being able to kite at 11am because there was some nice wind, it then just got better and better as the day went on!

The circus school was in full swing today as well, had a very busy morning class followed by a staff training session which got quite a crowd watching them flying around! Kaiceitos circus school runs flying trapeze classes at 9.30am and 4pm everyday Tuesday to Saturday, they are closed on Sundays and only run indoor aerial arts on a Monday.

Our on site kite school here at extreme hotel has been unbelievably busy resonantly, There instructors and equipment are notable the best on the beach and it shows when you see how many students they have, defiantly something awesome to try with us here at extreme hotel, Cabarete.

Today was also an awesome day for Mi gym, the on site gym here at extreme hotel, Cabarete. They just received a lot of new work out equipment and cross fit training equipment to make them the number 1 cross fit training center in the Caribbean!