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Moto Taxis: a complete user guide!

Planning a trip to Cabarete? Not sure how to get around? Read on! We do things a little differently around here. If you want to truly embrace the Dominican culture, you will love getting to know the moto taxi mode of transportation. At…
eXtreme Hotel’s manager, Gigi looking gorgeous as per usual. For more pictures from our photo booth check out the Mojito Bar Cabarete Facebook page! Don’t forget to tag your self and let us know what your favorite part of the event was!

Mojito Bar eXtreme’s Cabarete Festival

This past weekend in Cabarete, the eXtreme Hotel and Mojito Bar Cabarete hosted the first ever Cabarete Festival! Despite the spring showers, it was an extraordinary night full of delicious food, live musical performances, a local mercado, circus…
Children in the Mangroves at Laguna Grigi

Gua Gua to Gri Gri Lagoon

Our adventure catching a gua gua to Gris Gris Lagoon: This past weekend myself and the rest of the Taino Organic farm volunteer crew took off on another gua gua adventure on the north coast of the beautiful island of Hispaniola. As volunteers…
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How we celebrate birthdays at Extreme Hotel

How we celebrate birthdays at Extreme Hotel The manager of Extreme Hotel is a 6ft tall Canadian goddess. She’s been part of the team that has transformed the hotel over the last five years and has been a main fixture on the site for the…
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An ordinary Cabarete Day

A lot can happen in a single day when you’re living in Cabarete. With so much to be offered in a 20min radius, all you need is a “get up and go” mentality and everything folds out in front of you. As I write this I’m sitting on the…
punta russia road trip
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Road Trip To Punta Russia

Road Trip to Punta Russia Punta Russia is located 160 km West of the surf town of Cabarete along the North Coast of the Island of Hispanola. This Saturday, Monica and I had some free time, so we decided to road trip there with our new friend…