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How we celebrate birthdays at Extreme Hotel

How we celebrate birthdays at Extreme Hotel The manager of Extreme Hotel is a 6ft tall Canadian goddess. She’s been part of the team that has transformed the hotel over the last five years and has been a main fixture on the site for the…
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An ordinary Cabarete Day

A lot can happen in a single day when you’re living in Cabarete. With so much to be offered in a 20min radius, all you need is a “get up and go” mentality and everything folds out in front of you. As I write this I’m sitting on the…
punta russia road trip
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Road Trip To Punta Russia

Road Trip to Punta Russia Punta Russia is located 160 km West of the surf town of Cabarete along the North Coast of the Island of Hispanola. This Saturday, Monica and I had some free time, so we decided to road trip there with our new friend…
womens kiteboarding
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Kite Boarding at Extreme Hotel - an interview with Nina

Women's Kiteboarding in the Dominican Republic is growing! The other day I had the pleasure to sit down with the Lovely Nina. We’ve been lucky enough to have this Norwegian gem stay with us at Extreme numerous times over the years, and she…
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Surfing With The Sun

I don’t often get to see the sunrise, but when I do I get a chill running down my spine. It’s a special feeling that I liken to taking off in an airplane, or the first day of a new job. Like you are living and breathing ‘beginning’. So…

DJ Avana at Voodoo Lounge, Cabarete

Voodoo Lounge in Cabarete is relatively new.  I don’t know if it was that, or the fact that my Spanish is non-existent and I had only been in Cabarete for two days, but my moto driver had no idea where I was talking about – neither did…