When you first arrive at Extreme Hotel here’s what to expect: Your taxi driver will drop you off, you’ll pay your $35USD and then walk into our Spanish school. Confused? Don’t be. Our main lobby is put to good use by our Spanish teachers and eager pupils. Instead, the extreme staff prefers to keep busy in the office at the gym. When you arrive here, that’s where you can normally find someone who can help you.

Extreme hotel is run by a team of active, energetic and fun staff. We love our job, because we love to play. Our days start early with rise of the sun because that’s the best way to maintain a fantastic, active lifestyle. At extreme, our fitness, yoga, Jiu Jitsu, TRX, and trapeze classes all get started before the wind even picks up (normally around 1:00). You can always find some of us in the gym, running around the hotel, or having coffee with guests at the beachside restaurant. We opted not to have a hotel reception because our place is small enough that news travels fast, and we are quick to help you with anything you might need. But rest assured, we will always be expecting you when you arrive after your long journey.

Based on your communication with Robbie via email, the Extreme Team will know who you are and when you`ll be arriving established by the flight information that you have sent through email (this is very important). Once you`ve arrived, we`ll have you checked-in, in your room and giving you a tour before you know it. This is a hotel, but we like to think that we`ve got the communal culture of a great hostel. Things may seem a little different at first, but that’s just because we`re not a conventional hotel. Depending on your vacation purpose, we`ll make sure you meet all the right people and experience all the gems of Cabarete. New places are always a little intimidating at first, but no worries, you`ll fit right in.