Nobody likes to work in an office. Overhead lights, stale air, and noisy co-workers. It’s a slow death. Where better to take your computer then a nice restaurant on the beach. Cool sea air, a refreshing tropical fruit juice, and a killer view.

Guests at Extreme often come from busy jobs back home where they are required to check in and do some work every so often while on vacation. Although they’ve left to get some much needed R&R, its comforting for them to be able to sit on their hotel patio or at the beachside restaurant and check their emails. From engineers, to CEO’s, to students, translators, novelists, entrepreneurs, architects, relationship councillors, and graphic designers, they’ve all sat down at our restaurant, Chichigua, to get some quality work done.

Those of our guests that are kite boarders generally set up a pretty comfortable schedule. Waking up around 9am, they make their way down to the beach to order breakfast. While sipping fresh coffee, they get some work down until the wind picks up at noon. After kiting for a few hours, they have lunch, a nap and at times head back out for a second session. The evening is calm and relaxing because not only did they get the stress of work out of the way, but they played all day long, and now they can relax with a cold beer and laugh with the other guests.

What do you do the next day? Rinse and repeat.