The Haitian border

I was yesterday at the Dominican Republic and Haitian border crossing at Dajabon on the Northern part of the line dividing these two countries. What I saw was  an apocalyptic picture. As far as the eye  can see, there was a sea of humans, see attachments.

I came to the border with the intention to cross into Haiti on bicycle, than take local bus to town Cap-Haïtien on the Atlantic Coast. But I quickly realized that I will not be able to ride bicycle. I will need to push the bicycle through a thick crowd of desperate people. So I canceled my plan. It is possible to cross border on bus operated by Caribbean Tours bus company. When I was there, a big Caribbean Tour bus just came from Cap-Haïtien carrying a few passengers and only one white person, an old and very exhausted looking French man.

This Norther part of Haiti was not affected by earthquake, cholera and recent hurricane but the border crossing is closed for Haitians.
Still, all these people came with the only desire to escape from their country. Dominicans definitely do not want to admit a flood of Haitian refugees.

Dominicans/Haitians relationship is described by Lonely Planet book in such words: “Haitians are physically much darker then most native Dominicans and are widely viewed as  violent or uncouth”  Dominican Republic tour-book 3rd edition page 34.

The boarder is now closed and policed by the Dominican millitary.