The Team:

The eXtreme Crew is a group of individuals from different corners of the planet that share a passion for eXtreme sports, the eXtreme hotel and Cabarete.

The Kite School Manager Sven:
Sven the managerSven is a Belgian x pro moto cross champion. He is as nice as they come. He knows exactly what to do in any situation, it doesn’t matter what the question or the problem is. You either find Sven behind his desk in the school or you find him ripping the waves on the reef or flying high across the bay. Sven speaks a whole lot of languages and can communicate with more or less anyone. Dutch, English, Spanish, French plus plus… And he’s been in the DR for more than 4 years and can help out with practical tips if needed too.

The Hotel Manager Andrew:

Hailing from Virginia Beach, Andrew practiced his service skills when he owned on of the most popular fine dining restaurants called Create. He came to Cabarete on a 3 month break, and like so many of us, just decided to stay.
He will do what it takes to ensure you have a fun trip.


The Distillery owner, Paul:

Cabarete Kiteboarding PaulPaul is a 3rd generation fish monger, and has a secret recipe for a fish fry that is sure to make your mouth water. After huge success in Toronto, he decided to expand his horizons south, and franchise his parent’s fish fry to compliment the Distillery, where he makes his own ‘hooch’.




El heffe, Robbie:

Cabarete Kiteboarding RobbieAfter falling in love with Cabarete, Robbie decided that the benefits of spending time with family outweigh the money making opportunities in other parts of the world so he chooses to spent his life here (well mom lets them). His passions include all eXtreme sports, exotic fruits and baby Savannah.