Summer officially ended, but for us here on kite beach Cabarete it contiues indefinitely.

The warm weather that is still here means that we still have great thermal wind conditions, for the kiteboarding never stops.  The last week has been fantastic kitesurfing, with almost no one on kite beach in what is know to locals as the secret month of wind.

This week we are pleased to welcome some guests from Germany and Wisconsin, and our usual stream of Canadians, and we one of a few kiteboarding schools still operating this week.  It’s a cool feeling to have world famous kite beach to ourselves, so we can kiteboard and enjoy the waves without any traffic to speak of.

With all the activities at the hotel, there are always people around doing things, so the active fun vibe continues.  The circus school has increased it’s Cabarete Kids class, and now boasts twenty plus kids for a fun couple hours of trapeze and other circus arts.  The gym continues with yoga and spinning, Ju jitsu continues with it’s daily classes – here at eXtreme Cabarete the fun never stops.

For anyone not sure if September is not a good time to visit the Dominican Republic, think again.  It’s one of the BEST times to come, relax and have some active fun in the sun!

Upcoming events include a circus arts demonstration dinner, which will be a great Cabarete party.  We also are working with the North Coast Ju Jitsu group to organize an amateur fight here in the ramp.  The gym starts to resume it’s fall schedule, as the snow birds from Canada and the US fly back home to Cabaerte for the fall and winter.  The kitesurfing school will start to prepare some road trips to seak out some fantastic new kiteboarding destinations.  Always lots of things going on here at eXtreme Cabarete