People are often asking what are the wind seasons here. To be honest, with all the global warming, weather patterns all over have been mixed up, so there is no guarrenteed wind season. However, there are guarrenteed wind conditions. For example, if the weather is hot enough, then we get a thermal wind. If there is a storm front, then we get storm wind.

Here are some general guidelines to the weather during the seasons.


Season Temp Water Wind Waves Kite size
Fall nice rashie storm styems mostly 8-18 K primo 3-12 ft 12-18 and a surfboard
Winter dare I say cool? wet suit top thermals kick in 10-20 K primo 3-12 ft 10-16
Spring getting hot in here rashie storms and thermals 10-25K good 2-6 ft 8-16
Summer sweating my butt off naked pumping. 15-25K good 2-8 ft 8-12

But the best course of action in Cabarete is to enojoy more than one of Cabarete`s multiple sprots. There are many ways to get on a board, either kiteboarding, surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, tow in surfing…. that way every day is a chance to improve your skills!