Taino Farm Tour

In keeping with eXtreme Hotel’s mission of promoting eco-friendly tourism and sustainability, a tour of a local farm is now a regular tour option for the guests of eXtreme.

A picturesque half hour drive through Isla Bon and Sabaneta brings you across beautiful local villages, organic farms and a gorgeous river surrounded by mountains.  Once you’ve arrived at the farm, you are kindly greeted by Corey, the farmkeeper and the local farmers.  Since you’re now sweating somewhat from the sheer beauty (or hot cab or guagua ride), you head up the road and through farmland to get to the river.  Now the fun begins….TUBING TIME!  A lazy float down the river with friends can’t be beat!  As you float along the winding river, you’re surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches, hills, mountains, and more farmland.  Often, the float is accompanied by one or two dogs wishing to keep you company and see you don’t make a wrong turn!  Waiting for you when you finally arrive to the river entrance to the farm will be cool drinks and a delicious Dominican lunch.  Yummmy!

Now, finally the ‘farm’ part.  From the river, you’ll walk through the farm discovering and tasting local fruits and vegetables (miracle berries, starfruit, spinach, limes), visit the chickens, cows, and horse ‘Pepe’, and meander through the farm discussing various topics from permaculture to organic farming to Yoga retreats at the farm.

After the tour, you’ll feel refreshed, informed, and inspired!  There is so much happening at Taino Farms, you have to see for yourself!