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Trip to Pico Duarte: the Roof of the Caribbean

What an experience! During this trip you will witness breathtaking views from the highest point of the Caribbean. The view from the summit is absolutely incredible!  Would I recommend it to anyone? Yes, to everyone! But be warned, it is extremely…
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5 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job and Move to the Caribbean.

  Six months ago, I embarked on a plane to the Dominican Republic with a backpack, a one-way ticket and a help exchange position at Taino Organic Farm. During my time here I have become an adventure tourism/health/community blogger,…
View of the Jarabacoa Valley with a paraglide floating in the distance

Paragliding in the Dominican Republic

Paragliding in the Dominican Republic This past weekend I took off on a mini road trip to go paragliding in the Dominican Republic with five other adventurous travelers! Our destination was Jarabacoa in a province called La Vega about…
eXtreme Hotel’s manager, Gigi looking gorgeous as per usual. For more pictures from our photo booth check out the Mojito Bar Cabarete Facebook page! Don’t forget to tag your self and let us know what your favorite part of the event was!

Mojito Bar eXtreme’s Cabarete Festival

This past weekend in Cabarete, the eXtreme Hotel and Mojito Bar Cabarete hosted the first ever Cabarete Festival! Despite the spring showers, it was an extraordinary night full of delicious food, live musical performances, a local mercado, circus…
Children in the Mangroves at Laguna Grigi

Gua Gua to Gri Gri Lagoon

Our adventure catching a gua gua to Gris Gris Lagoon: This past weekend myself and the rest of the Taino Organic farm volunteer crew took off on another gua gua adventure on the north coast of the beautiful island of Hispaniola. As volunteers…