Solar panels at eXtreme hotel. Every eco hotel should have a sustainable source of energy.

6 Things Every Eco Hotel Should Have

At eXtreme Hotel, our focus is on providing the best accommodations for our guests whilst maintaining a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We think every eco hotel should have these 6 key tools in order to be part of the sustainable tourism…
Propogating vanilla bean

Aquaponics Part 4

Aquaponics Part 4 A new week brings new challenges with some hard work and problems solving to move steps closer to sustainable food production. System 1: The water flow between the half barrels of the new grow bed became a problem and…
aquaponics system in the dominican republic

Building an Aquaponics System Part 2

With the start of a new week and we  have enough gravel made to replace the second systems grow bed. Now we can start to clean out the old gravel that had lime stone and coral in it. This system has a seperate bio-filter that will keep the…
building an aquaponics system

Aquaponics System

This blog is here to show the progress, results, and solutions of the aquaponics systems that will be set up and run at the Extreme hotel in Caberete, North Coast, Dominican Republic. The very basics of aquaponics is a system of growing plants…
rain water catchment

Building a Rainwater Catchment System

So I'm walking into extreme today and my feet are getting a little wet, most of the time a little water in between the toes isn't bad. But this was fresh cabarete rain water. This is precious rain water must be saved. That's when the recycling…