The waves were good this morning so I headed out surfing.  I took the long board and paddled out with Chris from Cosmic kites to the reef break in front of Extreme Hotel.  Even though the waves were excellent, we were the only two surfing that break.  I imagine everyone else was surfing at Encuentro. 


The wind picked up in the early afternoon.  I packed up my kite gear and took a moto-concho taxi to Velaro, which is located at the point on the east side of Cabarete.  I kited there for a bit, and then did a downwinder along the reef back to Extreme Hotel. 


The guests at Extreme Hotel went to Lax for their dinner happy hour.  You get any pizza and a pasta for 300 pesos ($9).  I recommend the Diablo pizza and the garlic pasta.  This is too much food for one person, so we’ll usually split it between two people.  It’s probably one of the best dinner deals on Cabarete Beach.  It goes from 6pm – 7pm.  If you make it there just before 6pm, you can take advantage of the chicken wing special that goes from 5 – 6pm and have those as your appetizer.  Then at 6pm place your order for the pizza and pasta.