SUP in Cabarete

Stand-up paddle boarding, abbreviated to SUP, is a fast-growing sport in Cabarete, and around the world. Paddlers are exploring coastlines, rivers, lakes, and even city views on their boards.

More and more people are discovering the joy of SUP and the opportunities it opens up. Big paddle events are taking place left, right and centre, where a huge group goes for an epic paddle journey. This sort of thing isn’t really possible with many other sports, like surfing or .

Part of the beauty of SUP is that it’s so accessible.

In Cabarete, SUP is a great activity to try as a family, as kids and adults of all ages can enjoy the mellow paddle vibes on flat water. Young children can even share a big board with a parent, so you can paddle around and have fun as a team. I’ve even seen people paddling with their dogs sitting on the board!

SUP Cabarete eXtreme Hotel

The key skill in SUP is balance. Beginners, or wobblier individuals, start on a wide, long board that should provide a stable base for your paddling. More advanced paddlers might take out a narrower board that will zip through the water a bit quicker and be more maneuverable.

In Cabarete, the time for SUP is usually first thing in the morning, before the wind has picked up. When the water looks flat, calm and glassy, that’s when you’re going to want to have a paddle.

Once you’ve had a little practice, paddling can be very meditative and peaceful. You might discover a deeper connection to the ocean and to your breath in the quiet. Even if you don’t feel anything too mystical, SUP is a lovely, gentle way to take in the beautiful scenery along the coast.

Yogis, you might want to give SUP yoga a try! Imagine the core workout from stabilising your vasisthasana side plank on a wobbly floating board.

Surfers, you could mix it up by catching some waves on an SUP. Instead of paddling lying down and popping up to get on a wave, SUP-ers guide their board through the water and onto a wave with their paddle. No pop-up needed, you’re already poised to ride that wave!

There are several SUP schools in Cabarete: Vela and Cabarete Wind Sports Club are on Cabarete Beach; Method Lodge, Kite Club, and Big Willy’s Kite School are on Kite Beach.

You can rent boards and talk to the experienced instructors about SUP technique, boards, where to paddle, and how to stay safe on the water. Lifejackets are provided, too.

It’s important to be aware of other athletes out on the water, as you may be sharing the water with windsurfers and kitesurfers. Ideally, paddlers will be out when there is no wind, so you won’t overlap with the windsports crew.

If you talk to our friendly team at reception, they will point you in the right direction for an SUP adventure.

Competitive SUP

Even though it seems like the most chilled out sport, SUP is growing quickly as a competitive sport.

Some events require competitors to race around a buoy on flat water. Other events are more like surfing contests, where athletes are judged on the sweet waves they can catch in an alloted time.

The Pacific Paddle Games takes place every year in California, and just had its fourth Games in October 2018. It feature Pro, Junior, Youth, and Open categories, so non-professional SUP-ers can compete, too. The events are split into Technical and Distance, and it gets pretty intense.

Why not give SUP a go on your adventure holiday in Cabarete?