The spring in Cabarete is also the second rainy season. Although it doesn’t rain all the time, there is always a period between April and June when the rain comes down hard for a one week period, turning Cabarete and pretty much the entire Dominican Republic into a giant puddle. This year was no exception. Although we had no rain and fantastic kitesurfing for most of April and May, there was a 10 day period of solid rain. And when it rains in Cabarete, it pours!

Fortunately Cabarete was spared most of the land slides and flooding that happened this year in on may parts of the Dominican Republic. Some parts of the island were forced to evacuate, as people’s homes were left under water and roads were washed out. Right behind Kite Beach, and extending to the other side of Pro Cab are two huge lagoons (or swamps, depending on where you are standing). They are meant to serve as drainage to avoid Cabarete flooding. However sometimes when it rains hard, like in the fall, much of Cayhon is put under water the entire town become a pond!

The upside to all the rain is the growth of all the flowers and plants, which brings a delightful smell to Cabarete. There are a couple flower vendors in downtown Cabarete that sell many of the flowers for the benefit of all the ex patriots who live here. Also a great time for planting in the gardens, as the summer heat in the Dominican Republic offers a great growing season for all.

Fortunately the skate ramp is covered so during those rainy days we have a great area to be outside and avoid the rain.. something that many of our friends come and take advantage of.

Outside the staff planted orchids, herbs and flowers through the property at eXtreme hotel, and improved what is the most divers plant collection of any hotel in the Dominican Republic. If you want to see what we have, just drop on by.