Solo Female Travellers – Why Choose eXtreme Hotel Cabarete?

There are many reasons why you should choose eXtreme Hotel and Cabarete for a vacation if you are a solo female traveller.

Lets start with Cabarete: Cabarete has a lot to offer anyone looking for a great Caribbean get away, beautiful beaches, caves, waterfalls and landscapes, activities to keep you fit such as kiteboarding, surfing, fitness and yoga, not the mention an amazing atmosphere. Made up of local culture, easy Dominican life and many expats, its location is a huge draw for tourists. Close to Kite Beach, a world class kiteboarding beach, Encuentro Beach, a world-renowned surf spot and the beautiful Dominican North Coast make this area a hot spot for all sorts of foreigners to visit and settle down.

As a solo female traveller, eXtreme Hotel is an excellent choice for your stay. Especially if you’ve not traveled alone before. Located in the middle of the action on Kite Beach, you have on site access to daily yoga, fitness, circus lessons, kiteboarding, an organic restaurants and a safe, sustainable place as your home base. The staff are super friendly and are eager to showing you the local hot spots to go in town or even inviting you for a night out! Not only is the hotel secure, but they will customize your vacation agenda to fit your wants and needs. They offer Health and Wellness Vacation packages, Kiteboarding lessons, meal plans from the onsite organic restaurant and a variety of tours for you to get off the grounds and see some of the Dominican countryside. If this is your first solo trip, you can enjoy all the benefits of traveling alone, like freedom and doing what you want while still taking advantage of the services of eXtreme Hotel. Thanks to the variety of activities, they attract a cool international crowd. It’s easy to make new friends as the guests are united by a healthy, active lifestyle and enjoy an occasional mojito at the beachfront bar.

Here some safety tips, so you can enjoy your solo holiday to the fullest. They are not only useful for solo female travellers but to everyone traveling,

* Make a local friend – it’s always a great idea to know someone from the area, they’ll let you know the popular spots to chill, the great places to eat and the areas you should avoid!

* Make sure a family member or close friend has a copy of your itinerary and have a 24 or 48-hour check in set, so they are alerted if something does go wrong.

* Make sure you have travel insurance – make your insurance card your phones screensaver, in case of an accident it will be visible to stranger or hospital personal.

* Keep hardcopies and take photos of all important documents (passport, travel insurance, ID, reservations/tickets) and keep them in a dropbox or secure e-mail, in case your computer or phone or documents are stolen.

* Don’t keep all your cash on you – there are ATMs and banks in Cabarete, if you need a large sum of cash you can take money out if you have a passport on you.

* Carry a whistle, pepper spray or another form of safety device on you when going out alone.

* Wear a fake wedding ring if you are avoiding unwanted male attention. You don’t have to wear it, but sometimes it’s helpful to be able to slip it on.

* Trust your instincts – if you’re feeling uncomfortable, leave. Use the term WE or US (even if you are alone, make up a significant other or a friend who is waiting for you to return to your hotel or the beach or the restaurant next door), don’t feel bad turning down offers to be shown hidden local gems.