eXtreme Cabarete is now the only completly solar powered hotel on the north coast, and all of the Dominican Republic.

It’s been years in the making, but we are finally there. We recently added 40 more solar panels to our room, another 2 inverters, 5 more charge controllers, and new DEKA solar batteries to upgrade the system.

In addition to the roof top solar panels, we also have 2 solar hot water systems and a solar powered pool pump.

A quick drive by and you can see part of our solar installation from the street – which adds to the allure of eXtreme.

As well as having solar power, eXtreme has numerous other initiatives to help the enviroment. We are the only hotel in Cabarete to recycle (not just say that we do), as we use our compost and much of our food waste up at the farm for vermicomposting -also know as worm composting. The compost we then use to fertilize the soil that we grow all the organic vegetables with, and then in turn in eat in our restaurant. We not only reduce the need for waste disposal, but we reduce the need for transport for much of our food.

Anyone interested in finding out more about our composting is welcome to visit our organic farm – Taino Farms, which is 20 minutes away in Los Brazos. It’s a sustainable permaculture farm, which serves as a demonstration center for anyone wanting to see sustainability in action.

By staying with us at eXtreme, customers appreciate that they are also reducing their impact on the planet, as the power, waste and water that they create and use while they are staying with us is offset by the various things that we do here. It may not be much, but the week, two weeks or month that they stay here is something, and if everyone did something, then the combined result is significant.

Part of the vision for us here at eXtreme is to introduce people to sustainable living, so that they realize that it’s not so far fetched. Every little bit helps, and there are a lot of things that can be done in our daily lives with minimal impact our our comfort level, yet have big impacts in our footprint and impact on the earth.

It’s all part of our bigger commitment to reducing our footprint, and living at one with the earth and our surroundings. You don’t have to be a hippie to enjoy sustainability – you just have to appreciate that the earth is a living being just as we are.