Snorkeling in Sosua

This past weekend myself and the rest of the Taino Organic farm volunteer crew decided to go exploring and Snorkeling on the Main Beach of Sosúa. As volunteers at the farm, we often head to the north coast of the island to eXtreme hotel in Cabarete to meet up with friends and explore. We dropped by the eXtreme hotel to borrow some snorkeling masks and then hopped into a gua gua heading west towards the playa principal (main beach) of Sosúa. If you don’t mind being a little squished, gua gua’s will allow you to explore the north coast of the island at a very low cost. From Cabarete it is only 30 pesos and takes about 20 minutes to get to one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic.

Gua gua Dominican Republic

The farm team in the back of a gua gua headed to the Main Beach of Sosúa on the North Coast of the Dominican.

 When we arrived, we found some shade and took turns heading out into the water. If you would like, you can rent a beach chair for a hundred pesos (they also offer drinks and massages for an additional cost), or you can bring a towel and lay out on the sand for free. Being a first time snorkeler, I headed out and was in awe when I dove beneath the surface and was able to see everything so clearly. The water on the main beach is calm and the foliage and fish are as vibrant as the rest of this beautiful country. The current isn’t very strong so we swam out quite far, gazing at the different areas of reef and attempting to capture the glory with the GoPro.



Snorkeling in Sosua

Peyton swimming with the tropical fish in the reef.


When we switched out with our fellow volunteers Karin and Honza, Peyton and I went and laid on the beach where a group of Dominican musicians were playing some Spanish tunes. Two classical guitars, bongo drums and an instrument that looked to me like a cheese grater (a Dominican instrument I later found out is called a güira) make up the enthralling Bachata music native to the Dominican Republic. When they took a break between songs I mustered up the courage to go over and chat with them. Though my Spanish is limited, I introduced myself and they invited me to play a bit of guitar and then sing along with them. The guys were very friendly and soon Peyton as well as Karin and Honza came and joined us when they returned from snorkeling.

Dominican Bachata Musicians

Peyton and I with the Dominican Bachata musicians.


Afterwards we grabbed a quick bite to eat and an ice cream, spending less than five hundred pesos before catching a gua gua back to the farm in Los Brazos. Whether you are a budget traveler or a professional diver, the main beach of Sosúa is worth the trip. The locals are friendly and the beach is serene. Grab a mask and swim out into the calm crystal clear water or chill on the beach all day, either way you are bound to enjoy a lovely day in paradise.



Sosua Beach

The playa principal (main beach) of Sosúa.