I took several of the Extreme Hotel guests to Playa Grande today.  Playa Grande is a beautiful beach located about 30 miles east of Cabarete.  We rented a car and headed out there with our kiteboarding gear.  The wind was forecasted to be low, but we were hopeful.   Once there, we swam in the waves, played with the Frisbee, and some of the girls just sunbathed.  We ate some really good local food that the Dominicans cooked right on the beach.  On the drive back I noticed a cave up on the side of the mountain in with a trail leading up to it.  We stopped the car on the side of the road and hiked up to it.  Several the local Dominican children joined us on the walk, and we ended up carrying them on our backs most of the way, which they loved.  The view from the cave was amazing, it overlooked the coast and we could see for miles in either direction.  When we got back to the car, we said goodbye to the kids and gave them a box of crackers that we had left over which made their day.  Then drove back to Extreme Hotel.