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What we want you to know before traveling to Extreme Hotel in Cabarete: Before packing your bag and setting off to join us in paradise, there is some important information we want you to know about Extreme and Cabarete.

Staying GREEN

The infrastructure in the DR is nothing special, sometimes in Cabarete we have issues with the power and water supply. Extreme’s philosophy on living and lifestyle is to do it ‘green and clean’, we like to apply this to every aspect of our operation. We are proud to say that we now run almost solely on solar power. Why is this great? Because when the city’s power goes out, ours doesn’t! However, blackouts can still occur, so get ready for an Extreme hangout – candles, friends, and a windy Caribbean night.

permaculture garden

Our permaculture garden at Extreme

We’ve also have a water reserve tank in case the city’s water runs low. But keep in mind: If it hasn’t rained for a while, or everyone is taking crazy long aromatherapy showers…we might not have water left for the last guy. Oh yea, and in the Caribbean heat, hot water is overrated. We’ve also installed low flow toilets to save water; this means that toilet paper goes in the garbage can.

You can also help us save energy by leaving your hair drier and electric razor at home. These items use up at lot power and are redundant in this surfer chic town. So keep in mind that if you show up well groomed every day with fluffy hair, we’re going to put you in a taxi and send you to an all inclusive where they fold your towels into animal shapes and place chocolates on your pillow.

You can also get guest brownie points if you help us stay green! Separate your bottlesfrom you garbage, always turn off your lights and fans when you leave the room. Unplug electronic devices when you’re not using them, and if you really want to make us happy we’ve even got a compost in the back where you can put your veggie and fruit peels, but no pressure.

recycling bins

recycling program at extreme hotel

A recent New York exec described us as “an upscale hostel, except with your own room .. and its way cooler” – Extreme hotel is set at the foot of a rainforest jungle on a world class kite beach with a permaculture garden on one side, and a flying trapeze on the other. We even have our own aquaponics system which means we grow our own fish and lettuce!

Security and Safety

We are very serious about security and safetyat Extreme. We’ve got cameras around the property, security guards 24/7 and gates on all the entrances of the hotel. What we need you to do is make sure those gates are always locked. When you check in, we give you two keys, one for your room and one for the security gate. Always make sure the entrance gate is locked behind you. We don’t recommend walking the beach at night, but people still do it. Jewelry, smartphones and loose cash are easy targets.  Please note that the hotel enforces a no guests policy, so if you meet someone in the bar, go to their place for after hour parties.

girl locking gate at extreme hotel

Always make sure your gate is locked behind you!

Getting around Cabarete

Extreme is home to the most popular restaurant on Trip Advisor, Chichigua .  There are also plenty of restaurants in town, and going out in Cabarete is a fun and social thing to do. We often take groups out to our favourite places. We like the local places that serve cheap high quality Dominican food. If you’re looking for something special, ask us, as we have a ton of great restaurant recommendations. The great thing about Cabarete is that you can find amazing Italian, German, Thai, Japanese, and Spanish restaurants.
To get into downtown Cabarete, we either walk the beach  (1.5 miles, 30 min) run (record is 8 minutes) take a moto taxi for 50 pesos  (make sure you get on and off the motorcycle on the left side to avoid the hot tail pipe), or you can take a taxi for 250 pesos. Side note: The peso is currently sitting at 38 RD : 1 USD
If you don’t feel like going out we can give you some tips on where to pick up groceries for your mini fridge in your room.. Picture avocados the size of footballs, papayas that taste like heaven, golden bananas and passion fruit that will make you cry with joy. We’ll introduce you to some great local exotic fruit that you’ve never seen before, like one of my favorites Guanabanas. In town there are two grocery stores as well as small ‘colmado’ right across the street from us where you can buy produce and beer.

moto concho

Getting around Cabarete on moto concho -50rd anywhere in town.

 Things you’re going to want to bring

  1. Cash. We expect payment in full when you arrive. Make sure you have enough to cover your balance in Dominican Pesos, American dollars or Canadian dollars. If you prefer to pay with credit card, it’ll cost you an additional 26%…no fun. Also most places in town don’t accept cards so it’s always best to have cash on you. There are two ATMs in town that we recommend and work well with most foreign bank cards.
  2. Your room deposit will be held as a key deposit. When you return your key, we will refund your $50 via paypal, it will be the initial transaction that is refunded.
  3. With our free Wi-fi, you can write emails and do work in the comfort of your room or beach side at the Chichigua restaurant.
  4. It’s almost always sunny here, so pack your sunscreen and hat. Bring your water bottle because for $3 we provide your room with a five gallon water jug to stay hydrated. Between the hot sun and the active kiting and fitness lifestyle, H20 will be your best friend.
  5. This is a surfer chic town, so light casual clothing is best. Flip flops are perfect for any occasions and bathing suit tops are the new bra. Also, be advised that only hookers wear heels.
  6. If you’re a kiter and there happens to be no wind, the area is chalk full of crazy adventures. From our organic farm and river tour, canyoning trips, and catamaran tours, we can help you find what fits your sense of adventure. Check out our tours here

Getting here from the Airport

To get here from Puerto Plata airport you have options.

  1.  Just grab a taxi outside – tell them eXtreme hotel, Kite Beach, Cabarete $40 US
  2.  Have us send a cab for you – look for a misspelling of your name on a sign. $35 US
  3.  Book online with coco tours who will pick you up and drop you off when you leave for $49 roundtrip
  4. Guagua (public car/bus/van thing) – less comfortable and easy – just walk out to the main road (about 1 km), cross the road, so your heading east, and wait for a car on the side of the road.

If you are coming from Santo Domingo or Santiago, use Coco tours – they will pick up at any hour.

You will know you’re here when you see the white cement wall with the big orange ‘e’ on it.

If you are coming to us on your own, please confirm your estimated arrival time and flight number so we can have someone here waiting for you. If you are coming late at night, we will leave a key with the guard so you can get to your room, and you can check in the next morning.

More info

We have a list of frequent questions for once you are here posted on the site here 

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